Sarah Toler, DNP

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Science Writer for Clue

Dr. Sarah Toler is a Science Content Lead at Clue. She holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and is a Certified Nurse Midwife. Her areas of specialty include perinatal mental health and reproductive mental health. She is a B in the LGBTQIA+ acronym.

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How to Use Clue

How to get birth control reminders in Clue

Get reminders to take or swap your birth control

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Hormonal Birth Control

How different types of hormonal birth control affect your mental health

Some say hormonal birth control negatively affected their mood, making them feel depressed, anxious, or irritable. You may also hear...

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Bisexuality 101

Understand a little more the "B" of LGBTQIA

Illustrations of a pregnancy test and Clue app with a "period late" notification

Am I having a miscarriage?

When a miscarriage occurs very early in pregnancy, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a miscarriage and...

An arm wearing a ticking watch with blood drops.

What’s “normal”?: menstrual cycle length and variation

The menstrual cycle is more than just your period—it’s the rhythmic changes of the your reproductive system.

A towel with a blood stain.

Period sex 101

There is nothing “dirty” or dangerous about menstrual blood. 

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About Clue

“Alternative” approaches to health: How we think about health information at Clue

We sometimes get emails asking why we collaborate with naturopaths for our online content. It's a fair question.

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What causes a miscarriage?

Understanding why and how frequently miscarriage occurs can help people process the experience.  

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Non-Hormonal Birth Control

What's up with pulling out?

The pull out method has some significant downsides. So, what is withdrawal and how effective is it? Let’s look at...

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How do I know if I have an STI?

Even though the infections are common, knowledge about them may not be. Did you know the majority of STIs have...

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How to Use Clue

What to know about Clue’s Cycle Analysis feature

Clue’s enhanced Analysis makes it easy to stay on top of your menstrual health. Get a personalized overview of your...

uterus illustration

What is a period? Menstruation 101

Why do we get periods, anyway?

An image of a pregnant person with their hands on their belly

What it's like to be pregnant as a transmasculine person

Masculine people have been pregnant and birthing as long as there have been people. In reality, my relationship with my...

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Hormones & Your Cycle

What you should know about hormones

Hormones are the messengers of the body, telling it how to breathe and grow.

Two men with a pack of birth control pills
Hormonal Birth Control

Why isn’t there a hormonal birth control for men?

Men are more willing than ever to take hormonal contraception. Here’s what the latest research says about innovations in male...

An image of a woman who is about to try to get pregnant
Hormonal Birth Control

When to stop taking hormonal birth control if you want to get pregnant

Here’s how long it takes to conceive, depending on what kind of birth control you were using.

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About Clue

Here's why you can use period trackers for getting pregnant, but not for preventing it

While you can use Clue and other apps to help you understand your body and become pregnant faster, you can’t...

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Diet & Exercise

Does eating soy affect your hormones?

What the research says about the effects of eating soy on cardiovascular health, breast cancer, sperm quality, testosterone, and more....

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Birth Control

How do IUDs prevent pregnancy?

What the latest research says about how the hormonal IUD and the copper IUD work.