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Eve Lepage, MSN, RN

A photo of Eve Lepage, MSN, RN
Science Writer at Clue

Eve Lepage is a Science Writer at Clue, a fertility nurse, and a reproductive rights advocate. Eve creates engaging and accessible sexual and reproductive health content for in-app and web articles. She is based in Berlin.

How to Use Clue

Clue Period Tracking explained

Clue Period Tracking mode in Clue Plus includes everything you’ve come to love about period predictions and experience tracking with...

Trying to Conceive

Introducing: Clue Conceive

When your reproductive plans change, it’s common to feel unsure of where or how to start. That’s why we’ve created...

Spotting vs light period

What is spotting and why does it happen?

How, when, and why does spotting happen? Is it different than light bleeding before and after your period?

An illustration of different ovulation test formats.
Trying to Conceive

How to use ovulation prediction tests

Have you ever heard of ovulation prediction tests? If you’re trying to conceive, they could be a valuable tool for...

A photo of two people holding hands.

A beginner’s guide to lesbian sex

Orientation aside, exploring non-reproductive sex with your partner can be liberating.

Grace's profile image
Trying to Conceive

Parenthood on ice: Part Three

Cancer seemed to change people’s take on my decision to freeze my eggs.

Profile image of Grace
Trying to Conceive

Parenthood on ice: Part Two

This was my ticket to extended freedom and continuing to focus on my career.

Illustration of Clue's cycle graphic
Menstrual Cycle

What is an “irregular” menstrual cycle?

Your menstrual cycle is an indicator of your body’s overall functioning.


Female ejaculation and squirting: What’s the difference?

Since many studies do not distinguish between female ejaculation and squirting, it’s difficult to know for sure. Based on the...

Trying to Conceive

Egg freezing 101

There are many different reasons why someone would consider undergoing egg freezing. Unlike embryo freezing (embryo cryopreservation), egg freezing doesn’t...

Image of a women and birth control options
Birth Control

Which birth control is right for me?

Choosing the type of birth control that’s right for you can be overwhelming. Don’t worry—we’re here to help.

An iphone showing tracking category 'spotting' and underwear with spotting stain

Ovulation bleeding 101

What ovulation bleeding is, and how to know if you’re experiencing it.

Image of a woman holding her abdomen in a doctor's office.
Issues & Conditions

No one knows your body better than you do

I needed a way to stop doubting myself and a way to track what I was experiencing.

An image of a woman who is about to try to get pregnant
Hormonal Birth Control

When to stop taking hormonal birth control if you want to get pregnant

Here’s how long it takes to conceive, depending on what kind of birth control you were using.

Trying to Conceive

How soon can I take a pregnancy test?

If you’re trying to conceive, pregnancy tests are likely part of your routine. But how will you know when to...

Trying to Conceive

Your ultimate guide to IVF

This article will explain one of the more widely known types of assisted reproductive technologies (ART); how it works, why...

Different illustrations refering to fertility topics: acupunture, somebody eating a pineapple, somebody stretching.a
Trying to Conceive

Ask a fertility nurse

From old wives’ tales to TikToks about eating pineapple cores, let’s get into it.

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Your body after birthing

Many physical changes happen in the first few days after birthing, including hormone changes. Here are a few things you...

Photo of a runny panty
Your Vagina

What is vaginal discharge and how does it change across the cycle?

The quality, consistency, and volume of cervical fluid types changes along with the menstrual cycle.

Trying to Conceive

Five things you can do to improve sperm health

About one in five cases of infertility can be attributed solely to sperm health.

Your Vagina

Getting wet: Everything you've always wanted to know

Are vaginal fluids really all that different? In this article, we explain how to identify vaginal discharge, arousal fluid, and...

Trying to Conceive

What sex ed got wrong about conception

Sex education has been a part of school curriculums in the United States and other parts of the world for...

An unpacked female condom, shown next to an orange for size perspective.
Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Internal (female) condoms 101

People may enjoy sex more with an internal condom because they feel safe knowing that they are in control of...

Trying to Conceive

Keeping sex sexy when trying to conceive

It’s possible to maintain an exciting, fulfilling, enjoyable sex life while you’re trying to conceive. Sex can fulfill the practical...