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Jen Bell

A photo of Jen Bell
Science writer

Jen was a writer at Clue who delights in assignments involving LGBTQIA+ topics, sex, and pop culture.

Pronouns: they/them

Illustration of three people menstruating
Menstrual Cycle

Do periods sync?

Lesbian, queer and trans couples respond to our research on menstrual syncing

Fluid being ejected out forcefully.

Let’s talk about squirting

It seems that we have been ejaculating for a long time.

freebleeding figure period pants

What’s all the fuss about free bleeding, and why does it matter?

Free bleeding is the practice of menstruating without blocking or collecting the period flow. Here’s why people do it.

Photograph of historian Helen King

What was it like to get your period in ancient Greece?

Were the first tampons made of wood? Where does the phrase “on the rag” come from? Historian Helen King has...

Image of a pelvic region
Your Vagina

Vaginal dryness: Why it happens and what you can do about it

Vaginal dryness is common but treatable, and can happen at any age.

Image of condoms, a thermometer, and lubricant.

Can I get pregnant from that?

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about how pregnancy happens.

Screenshots of Clue held by colorful illustrated hands
How to Use Clue

Clue’s top 5 period tracking tips

Ilaria from our support team shares her insider tips for getting the most out of the Clue app.

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Condoms: common questions and misconceptions

Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? What is the correct way to put one on? Even if you’re not...

A roll of toilet paper, which is rolling and a couple of squares of toilet paper are being torn off.
Diet & Exercise

Digestion and your cycle: the truth about period poop

Is period poop a thing? Learn all about food, digestion and the menstrual cycle.

The phrase "gender equality" translated in Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Hindi and Danish, on a changing color background.
Life & Culture

Internationally inclusive: keeping Clue gender-neutral in several languages

Gender-inclusivity is an important part of what we do at Clue. We asked our translators: “What does it mean to...


Why trans men, nonbinary, and genderqueer people use birth control

Birth control is generally marketed and designed for women, but they’re not the only ones using it.

An image of a white person's hand holding a smartphone with Clue's cycle view visible.
How to Use Clue

Next level period tracking: 5 more tips for tracking your period in Clue

Ilaria from our Support team shares more tips for getting the most out of Clue.

Three speech bubbles: one containing a virus, one a heart, and one a condom

How to tell your partner you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

There’s a lot of misinformation and stigma about STIs, and they can be uncomfortable to discuss. But we need to...


Masturbation myths

Can masturbating cause any health problems? Can it make you lose your virginity?

Conversation symbols with drops of menstrual blood and the rainbow of the LGBTQIA+ movement
Gender Equality

Talking about periods beyond gender

Our bodies do not determine our identities, and we are so much more than merely bodies.

the transgender symbol in teal with a red drop of blood in the middle of the circle

What it’s like to get your period when you’re trans

We asked trans men, genderqueer, and nonbinary people how they feel about their periods.

Portraits of Melina Gaze (with short bleached hair, brown eyes and wearing a leopard print top) and Dr. Sara C. Flowers (with brown hair, brown eyes, wearing red lipstick and smiling)
Gender Equality

How to make sex education more inclusive

Sex education can help us make decisions, but only when taught in a way that is relevant to our individual...

Chella Quint of #periodpositive.

Meet #periodpositive comedian Chella Quint

Can jokes about periods be empowering? We caught up with zine-maker, teacher and #periodpositive comedian Chella Quint ahead of her...


7 perfect podcasts for your period

People are making awesome podcasts about all kinds of things — yes, even menstruation. Here are some of our top picks.

Photo of a pad from the top with blue liquid on it, on a blue background
two young women sitting on a sofa playing video games and having fun while starring at a screen and holding the console controllers in their hands
A hand holds a smartphone, showing a period tracker on screen. The transgender flag is in the background.
illustrations in orange of a chocolate bar, a hot water bottle, and a mug of tea

How to support trans people during their periods

Periods can be a pain, especially when they give you gender dysphoria, but a support from your friends can go...

yellow gender icon on top of a clip board
Three speech bubbles showing endometriosis tissue, the transgender symbol, and lightning bolts and stars to suggest pain

Managing endometriosis when you’re trans

Transgender and non-binary people with endometriosis share their experiences and advice.

photo of a colouring book title the adventures of toni the tampon
two intertwined menstruation circles with two hearts in the center

The best things about dating someone who also has a period

There are many stereotypes about romance between two people with menstrual cycles. We reached out to lesbians, transgender and queer...

A person with short blonde hair frowns while looking at their phone.

Tracking your period can help you understand PMS symptoms. Here’s how

Tracking symptoms throughout your menstrual cycle can help you understand your experience of PMS.

illustration of a tent in front of a mountain and a giant wheel
Icons depicting a pregnancy test, baby clothes, a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, a tampon, lightning bolts and stars.

What you may not know about endometriosis: common questions and misconceptions

Endometriosis is a complicated illness. Those who have it often also experience delayed diagnoses, hit-and-miss treatments, and a general lack...

Two hands, one holds a smart phone, and the other taps a square button on the screen

How to track endometriosis symptoms with Clue

Tracking endometriosis symptoms can create a detailed record which may help your healthcare provider with diagnosis and in forming a...

2 images of the world, with many lights distributed across the land masses
illustration of  clean white panties and bacteria moving toward it
A blinking eye inside a heart shape
Dating & Partnership

We asked 64,000 women what they look for in a partner. The most important thing? Kindness.

The results of the Ideal Partner Survey — a collaboration between Clue, the University of Göttingen and MyONE Condoms.

A photo of the Clue office space showing a colorful wall decorated with the Clue logo, a bookshelf, and three armchairs.
About Clue

Accessibility guide to the Clue office

Everything you need to know if you’re visiting us in Berlin.