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New stock photos you can use for periods

by Jen Bell, Former Writer at Clue; and Clár McWeeney, Former Content Manager at Clue
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So often media images about periods—from stock photos to tampon advertising — are weird, wacky, or simply sexist. So what do real menstruating people look like? We’d be happy to show you. In fact, we even modeled for you.

Here’s a glimpse into a few of us from the team at Clue, doing what we do during our periods: new-stock-photos-you-can-use 5@2x Shari, our video producer, battling it out with Ilaria from Support.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 7@2x Sil, from Support, staying hydrated.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 2@2x Kavya is one of our engineers. Here she is, working on the Clue app for Android.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use@2x Lisa, our Brand specialist, multi-tasking with Toro, beloved office dog.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 8@2x Natasha recruits talent for Clue. Here she is, stretching after a run.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 9@2x Maddie, head of our Ambassador program, replacing important vitamins and minerals.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 10@2x Amanda from Content, running things from the sofa.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 1@2x Melissa is an iOS developer. Here she is, collaborating with Eugenio, one of our Android engineers.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 6@2x Erica from Content, bouncing ideas around.

new-stock-photos-you-can-use 3@2x Ida, our CEO, being a boss.

So, there you have it. These photos are only a tiny sample and don’t come close to representing the range of people who menstruate, or what we get up to during that time. Some of us run marathons, some stay in bed. There are as many different possibilities as there are people who have periods.

Want to show the world what do you do during your period? Share your photos by tagging Clue on Twitter or Instagram.

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