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Ida Tin

A photo of Ida Tin
Co-founder and Chairwoman of Clue

Ida Tin is a Danish internet entrepreneur, author and the co-founder and Chairwoman of Clue. Ida is credited with coining the term "femtech".

Clue's co-founder and chairwoman, Ida Tin, at her desk with a mobile phone and computer.
About Clue

The journey of a single data point

It's our job to keep everything you track in Clue safe.

Ida Tin, CEO of Clue, using a computer
CEO of Clue Ida Tin sitting in her office holding a notebook.
Clue's Co-CEOs sit in two chairs, smiling and facing the camera.
About Clue

Choosing to challenge: New leadership–same powerful vision

I am proud to announce that Carrie Walter, formerly Clue’s General Counsel, and Audrey Tsang, formerly Clue’s Chief Product Officer,...

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Photo of the Clue app on a phone
About Clue

5 unexpected benefits of period tracking

Clue co-founder Ida Tin shares her top 5 reasons to track your period.

Portrait of Ida Tin wearing blue glasses and an Oura ring.

Why data will revolutionize global female health

When tracking your cycle, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re also helping other people and scientific research.

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uterus illustration with tech and clue app icons
About Clue

The rise of a new category: Femtech

In 2009, I sat with an old phone in my hand — the kind with a small screen and actual buttons

About Clue

Why does it cost so much to build an app, and who pays?

We don't make money from selling your personal health data—we choose the alternative. You can help support us by subscribing...

how do you plan to make money?
two birth stories
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