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Learn more about your body with Clue Plus

More content, more features, more Clue

With Clue Plus you can:

  • Plan 6 months ahead with more period predictions

  • See your recurrent symptoms in the Analysis Tab

  • Receive a monthly Cycle Overview Email with your cycle stats

  • Read educational articles in the Content Tab

  • Increase your chances of getting pregnant with Clue Conceive (rolling out in September 2022)

  • Follow your pregnancy in Clue Pregnancy mode

  • Prevent pregnancy with Clue Birth Control (Coming to the USA in 2022)

How to subscribe to Clue Plus

  • Download the Clue app 

  • Tap the More Menu in the top right corner of your screen

  • Tap “Get Clue Plus”

  • Choose your plan, enter your payment details, and tap Subscribe 

  • That’s it, you’re all set

Advanced Period Predictions

With your Clue Plus subscription, you get access to even more period predictions. Plan up to six months ahead and always know what’s coming. Our powerful research-based algorithm becomes more accurate each time you track in the app. Go to the Calendar Tab to start planning ahead.

Recurrent Symptoms Analysis

Use your Clue Plus subscription to discover patterns in your cycle. Go to “Your recurrent symptoms” in the Analysis Tab to see your most common symptoms and cycle-related experiences. You can use this information to make informed health decisions or share it with your healthcare provider in case they need to see any patterns you may have.

Clue Conceive mode

If you’re wanting to become pregnant, Clue Conceive removes the guesswork by pin-pointing the days in your unique cycle when you are most likely to conceive. Based on clinically tested technology, this new mode also offers evidence-based, real-world advice and tools to help you understand the science behind getting pregnant. Clue Conceive is rolling out to all Clue Plus users from September 2022.

Clue Pregnancy mode

With Clue Pregnancy mode you can track and follow your pregnancy. You’ll be able to track your bodily changes, as well as check in on your mental health and important milestones. Clue Pregnancy mode includes special pregnancy-related tracking categories such as “Pregnancy superpowers,” “Baby movement,” and “Bodily changes.” It also provides you with important information about each week of your trimesters, written by our in-house clinicians.

Cycle Overview Email

Each time your new cycle begins (when you track a new period in the Clue app) you will receive a Cycle Overview Email with a breakdown of your average cycle and period lengths, as well as information about how much your cycles vary. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it all to you so it’s easy to understand. We’ll also give you some useful facts you may not know about your cycle, as well as an expert tip for your next one. You’ll also get a prediction of when your next period will start, which can be helpful for planning your month ahead. 

Content Tab

Clue is committed to writing science-based content that breaks down complicated topics into easy-to-understand articles. We want people to understand their bodies better. In the Content Tab, you can read carefully curated content about everything from sex drive to how hormones can change your hair, from birth control options to racism in medical research. 

Clue Birth Control

Our FDA-cleared digital contraceptive will be available in the USA in 2022. It’s hormone and side-effect-free and is built right into your Clue app. Track your period to find out which days you are at of pregnancy. By subscribing to Clue Plus, you’ll get access to when it becomes available to you.

Subscribe to Clue Plus now to find out more about your unique cycle and live more in sync with it.

This article was originally published Oct 1, 2020

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Subscribe to Clue Plus now to find out more about your unique cycle and live more in sync with it.

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an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.