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Danielle Clement, MSN, WHNP, AGNP

A photo of Danielle Clement, MSN, WHNP, AGNP
Science Writer at Clue

Danielle Clement, M.Ed, MSN, WHNP, AGNP, is a women’s and adult health nurse practitioner and reproductive and sexual health expert with a background in clinical research and education. She works across the product and content teams as health expertise for product and as a science writer.

Illustration depicting three sporting activities. From left to right: Weight lifting, running track, tennis.
Diet & Exercise

Exercise and your menstrual cycle

Serena Williams has openly shared her struggles with debilitating menstrual migraines. Similarly, runner Dina Asher-Smith could not complete a race...

An illustration in a blue theme of a phone showing the clue app, some BBT tests, medication, pregnancy tests, and a medicine or pill bottle.
Trying to Conceive

What's actually worth buying when trying to conceive

When it comes down to it, there are only a few things that could be helpful when you’re ready to...

Issues & Conditions

Part 1: I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28

“Oh, shit!” Kelsey’s response to being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 years old was totally relatable.

Issues & Conditions

Part 2: I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28

I didn’t want to be seen by everyone as a cancer patient.

Trying to Conceive

What sex ed got wrong about conception

Sex education has been a part of school curriculums in the United States and other parts of the world for...

Trying to Conceive

When should I see a fertility specialist?

When you first start trying to conceive, you may wonder: do I need to see a healthcare provider? If you...

Trying to Conceive

When getting pregnant doesn't go to plan

I could already feel my precious timeline slipping away and anxiety creeping into its place.


My wanted pregnancies ended in abortion

I share my personal story because the reversal of Roe v. Wade ruling impacts abortion as healthcare in many different...