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Photo of woman holding up a pair of Rael period panties

Photo by Susi Vetter

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Clue Reviews: Rael Period Underwear

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Menstrual products are a world apart from what was available even only twenty years ago. But it can be difficult to determine which product is right for you—a decision that may be influenced by lifestyle, physical activity, comfort, fit, cost, and many other factors.

That’s why we’re publishing a series of menstrual product reviews, written by the staff here at Clue (and a few of our loved ones) to show you how we used these products, and how they worked for us. Check out the reviews here. Full disclosure—many of these products were sent to us free of charge, for the purpose of reviews. These are the unbiased opinions of the folks who used the products.

Rael Period Underwear

£51.89/$54.99USD for a pack of three

The United Kingdom

“They look like just another normal pair of panties”

My flow is: A massive, horrific, bloody nightmare

I’m looking for: An environmentally sustainable way of managing my period

These period panties are very unassuming. They’re plain, in black or beige, and made from 100% organic cotton. They look like just another normal pair of panties, which is exactly what I wanted. At first sight, I wasn’t sure that they would get the job done because, while the material is thicker in the lining to catch blood, they didn’t seem thick enough. I was pleasantly surprised. I used their plain black period panties for my medium days, and as a backup on the heavy day when I used a menstrual cup, and they performed extremely well in both scenarios without odors or leaks. The cut of the underwear was very comfortable, and supportive for my large butt. After a few hours of paranoia about whether or not I had leaked through my underwear, I relaxed and forgot about them completely.

When I went to their website to learn more about why they were so effective, I read that their lining is waterproof, which is why there were no leaks or odors after use. I’d be happy to continue using their period panties over and over again.

—Jennifer, Content Manager

“They didn’t leak and were very comfortable”

My period is: Four days (heavy, heavy, medium, light)

I’m looking for: Comfort, efficiency and something gender-neutral or funny

These panties are sober, without logo or pattern, and padded from between the legs to the top of the buttcrack. I wore them for the entire third day of my period, which has a medium flow. They didn’t leak and were very comfortable, even if I usually don’t wear this shape of underwear. The packaging is a light pink box, the underwear are listed on Modi Bodi’s website under the section “feminine care”. The two colours available for periods panties are “black” and “natural”, the second one being...beige. As a feminist genderqueer person, I didn’t feel that the panties or web site were created with me in mind.

—Salomé, the lucky partner of someone who works at Clue

Rael Period Underwear Reviews contenful inside@2x-80

“A nice option for lighter flow days”

My flow is: Very light, due to a hormonal IUD

I’m looking for: Comfort

Oops. I didn’t have the packaging for these panties, so I wore them the wrong way—according to the website, they “MUST BE WORN WITH A PAD OR TAMPON,” but I wore them without anything else.

I liked that the absorbent part of the panties covers the whole butt area, as other period panties I’ve tried have a small area of absorbency which never manages to catch all the blood. The fabric is a bit bulky, and felt like bathing suit bottoms.The website says that they are built with a “layer of film to protect your clothes,” but I’m curious what that film is made of and how absorbent it actually is. My flow is light, so I didn’t get any stains on my pants, but I wonder whether someone with a heavier flow would be protected.

I guess that these are intended to protect from leaks and not actually collect all of the blood the way some other brands of period panties do. I wish that they were not called “period panties,” though, because I think most people would assume that you can wear them without a tampon or pad. Maybe “Leak Protection Panties”?

The clumpier blood was not absorbed by the panties, so it just sat on top of them, which was a bit uncomfortable. I’m glad I have these—it’s a nice option for lighter flow days. The organic cotton and the fact that the company was founded by three women are pluses, too.

—Amanda, Head of Content

"The website doesn't seem to be very trans friendly."

My flow is: heavy

I’m looking for: period underwear and alternatives to pads

On the website, it says these panties are to be worn with a pad or tampon, and are designed to protect your clothes in case of leaking. Since I prefer using a period cup, these worked for me on lighter days while also wearing the cup. The design is very neutral, they are cut low above the leg, which I like.
The website doesn't seem to be very trans friendly.

—Stellan, the partner of someone who works at Clue

“I used them while I was sleeping to protect my sheets”

My flow is: very light and irregular because of my hormonal IUD

I’m looking for: a convenient, environmentally sustainable way to manage my period on the few days that I get one.

Rael’s period underwear is practical, simple, and comfortable. It is very simply designed and comes in two colors, black or beige. While I wouldn’t have minded some decoration or lace to make them a bit more fun, I particularly liked the feel and fit of the underwear. The fabric was soft and flexible without being bulky, and they fit tightly around my thighs to prevent leaks. I have pretty curvy hips and thighs, but they managed to feel snug without being uncomfortable.

According to their website, Rael’s period underwear are intended as an extra layer of protection to prevent leakage while you are wearing a tampon or pad, not as a replacement for them. However, on light days I wore them on their own and found them effectively leak-proof by themselves too.

I used the Rael’s primarily while I was sleeping to protect my sheets, but I would also consider using them while wearing a dress or pale-colored pants as an extra layer of protection.

—Nicole, Marketing

"Rael Period panties are just GREAT!"

My flow is: Regular

I’m looking for: Something that I don’t have to change often, and that’s also good for my yoga practice

Rael Period panties are just GREAT! There wasn't any smell, skin rash, or weird plastic noise or sensation while walking.

They are a great backup for tampons or a menstrual cup. I tried to wear them on the last days of period for 8 hours (which normally requires one full tampon). There were no leaks or smell and, when I was finished, the material was almost dry. I also like their simple design. They are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Thing is I am not a big fan of their website. It is not very trans-friendly. By referencing only women, the language they use is not inclusive. Their web appearance is very "feminine normative" oriented.

—Silvia, Support Agent

"They resemble any normal pair of panties"

My flow is: Light to moderate (thanks to the pill)

I’m looking for: A environment-friendly solution that will allow me to not worry about my period

After I tried my first pair of period underwear, I was convinced that they were an amazing invention, so I was excited to try the Rael period panties.

I received the black pair of period panties. There is only one cut, and they are made with organic cotton. They resemble any normal pair of panties. The fabric feels a bit plastic, even though this might be only on my head. I thought I could hear them while I was walking down the street.

Regarding the absorption, they are best used with another collection method (which they also advise on their website). I would definitely wear them again, but perhaps on the days my period is not so heavy.

If you need a menstrual cup to complement your period undies, then check out what Clue had to say about the the Lunette cup next. You can read all about this and the rest of Clue’s period product reviews here.

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