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person holding an OrganiCup

Photos by Marta Pucci

Reading time: 7 min

Clue Reviews: OrganiCup Menstrual Cups

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Menstrual products are a world apart from what was available even only twenty years ago. But it can be difficult to determine which product is right for you—a decision that may be influenced by lifestyle, physical activity, comfort, fit, cost, and many other factors.

That’s why we’re publishing a series of menstrual product reviews, written by the staff here at Clue (and a few of our loved ones) to show you how we used these products, and how they worked for us. Check out the reviews here.

Full disclosure—many of these products were sent to us free of charge, for the purpose of reviews. These are the unbiased opinions of the folks who used the products.


Made in China

“This will be my go-to cup from now on.”

My flow is: apocalyptic-heavy the first couple days, then pretty average
I’m looking for: something that can contain all the blood with convenience, comfort and style

Menstrual cups appeal to me because they are reusable and long-lasting, and I don’t like the feeling of disposable pads or tampons. I’ve tried a few different cups and I’m still looking for my soulmate.

The OrganiCup is white, soft and squishy, with a narrow stem. There’s no organic certification for menstrual cups, but the OrganiCup “contains no toxins or artificial coloring.” It comes in a nifty cardboard box, covered with detailed instructions and helpful diagrams. There’s also a drawstring bag for storing the cup between periods.

Before use I boiled the cup to sterilize it, and cut the stem as I find they irritate my vagina. On the third day of my period I had a medium-heavy flow. Although this cup is a little larger than my existing cup, I found the OrganiCup easy to insert. I could feel that it opened correctly and sat in the right place.

I put on some period underwear as protection against any leaks, and went about my day. I didn’t have any leaks, and changing my cup in the bathroom stall at work was quick and incident-free.

Based on comfort, easy insertion and lack of leaks, this will be my go-to cup from now on.

—Jen, Writer at Clue

“I would definitely recommend the OrganiCup”

My flow is: let’s just say that my menstrual cup needs to gather a party before venturing forth.
I’m looking for: new products to add to my rotation and make me excited about getting my period.

I've always been a heavy bleeder (thanks, PCOS). When I first heard of menstrual cups two years ago, I couldn't believe it. Would a single silicone cup that holds less liquid than a shot glass be able to withstand the wrath of my uterus? Would I be able to sleep through a heavy flow night, without multiple alarms to change my overnight pads?

The OrganiCup is much softer than other cups I've seen and very easy to pinch together into a C-fold. As a seasoned cup user, I didn't need the support of the step-by-step guide provided, but found the printed instructions that came with the cup and the multi-language videos on their website easy to follow—and they use red liquid in the videos! The only thing I ended up researching on my own was whether it was okay to trim the cup's stem, as it was poking me a bit (yes, you can, and a lot of people do!).

I put the OrganiCup to a very thorough test. It saw me through a period that overlapped a nasty bout of tonsillitis, a conference where I had to speak, networking dinners, and pub quiz nights. I even wore it into a sauna—and it didn't leak a single time! The softness of the silicone made it much easier to pop out, clean, and pop back in even in dark bar bathrooms. The translucent white color helped with estimating how much blood and tissue I was losing. I also found the menstrual cup wipes ($6 for a pack of 10) very handy for on-the-go cleanup and the special pH-neutral OrganiWash ($8 for 75mL, which I estimate will last me a good year) made my cup feel clean and pleasant to handle, even on day 6 of bleeding.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the OrganiCup to anyone interested in trying a menstrual cup—especially if you're a beginner user who wants something with clear instructions and simple handling.

—Ada, Messaging at Clue

Photo of someone holding the OrganiCup packaging

“I love that the brand has a million FAQs on their website”

My flow is: Very light, due to a hormonal IUD
I’m looking for: Comfort

I used a DivaCup for many many years, but misplaced it during a transcontinental move. (Sorry to whoever finds it.) I was really excited to try the OrganiCup, because I was curious about whether I’d be able to tell the difference between menstrual cups. I used to sometimes get leaks, but my period was much heavier than it is now that I have a hormonal IUD.

The most noticeable thing about the OrganiCup is its branding and packaging: the Danish company has a very noticeable focus on conserving the environment. The execution of this goes beyond natural colors and all kinds of “green” certifications—even the instructions for use are printed on the inside of the box, saving paper. I liked this, and I also liked the canvas carrying bag that comes with the cup. I love that the brand has a million FAQs on their website to make switching to a cup less scary.

I noticed that the OrganiCup was a bit smaller and shorter than the DivaCup. I had no problems with insertion and creating a seal—the silicone was soft and easy to “punch down.” I didn’t experience any leaks or discomfort at any time.

I do wish the measurement markers on the cup were labeled. I couldn’t remember how much blood the cup held from the packaging, so I sat in the bathroom trying to figure out how many milliliters of blood it had collected over the day.

—Amanda, Senior Editor at Clue

“It’s mostly been a good experience”

My flow is: Medium-to-heavy
I’m looking for: something that will replace my disposable pads

The OrganiCup’s packaging is small and simple: a tiny box containing the cup and the pouch.

I tried the cup size A, which, as explained on the box, is the size “for those who haven’t given birth.” The other available size, as also found on the website, is B, for those who have given birth.

Insertion and removal were really easy: the cup folded well and was comfortable. I’ve always had issues with removal, but this cup made it very easy for me.

I’ve used it for three cycles now, and all in all, I can say that it’s mostly been a good experience. I said “mostly”, because on the first and second day, when I bleed more, the cup leaked and I always had to wear a disposable pad as backup. However, during my latest period, I wore the cup on my second day for around ten hours where I was out with friends. I didn’t have a chance to go to a toilet and empty it, but when I got back home there weren’t any leaks! This made me realize that it takes some time to find the right insertion angle, but it works well for me now.

I will definitely continue to use this cup, because it’s very comfortable. I just need some more time to figure how to avoid leaks on the first two days of my period.

—Ilaria, Support Agent at Clue

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