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About Clue

Clue is a period tracking app, a trusted menstrual health resource, and a thought leader in femtech.

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By combining science and technology, we are actively changing the way people learn, access, and talk about menstrual and reproductive health around the world.

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12 million people in over 190 countries rely on our app.

Our content is science-based and written by reproductive healthcare clinicians and science writers to provide people with essential, evidence-based education about health, periods, and sex via helloclue.com.


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We strive to create an app that’s accessible to our diverse community of users, taking into account gender, age, race, ethnicity, accessibility, education, country of origin, socioeconomic status, and all the other aspects of an individual's background. Clue is currently available in 15 languages and growing.

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What is “femtech”?

One of Clue’s co-founders, Ida Tin, coined the term femtech in 2016 to define the group of technologies that are designed to support and advance women’s healthcare.

The technologies within this category include fertility solutions, period and fertility tracking apps, reproductive system health care, women’s sexual wellness products, pregnancy and nursing care, period care goods, at-home fertility monitoring devices and general healthcare.

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An image of Ida Tin; Co-founder and Chairwoman at Clue

Ida Tin, 

Co-founder & Chairwoman

Ida knew immediately that in order for these products to be taken seriously, the market needed to be defined, so she suggested that Clue should begin to call itself a femtech company.

By defining the group of products that are associated with female health, we are creating an entirely new category of technology. Grouping these technologies paves the way for femtech conferences and VC’s to invest in femtech and create even more products within this segment that are important and needed in the world.

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We provide trustworthy information, data-driven tools, and emotional support for everyone with a menstrual cycle — as an empathetic, scientific companion from first period to last period.

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Everyone with a cycle is empowered to make informed choices for themselves around menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health and well-being.



We earn people’s trust by honoring their privacy, being transparent about how we use their data, and providing them with honest and accurate health information.

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Care is at the core of everything we do, both in how we support and communicate with people, and in the products and technology we create for them. We genuinely wish to help them improve their lives and live more fully.

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Rooted in science, Clue’s brand and products were born out of research and data. We continually strive to find the most accurate, forward-thinking information on menstrual and reproductive health, only sharing what we confidently believe in and can provide evidence for.

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Clue founded in Berlin by Ida Tin, Hans Raffauf, Moritz von Buttlar and Mike LaVigne


The Clue app is launched on iOS


The Clue app is launched on Android

Clue raises a seed round of €500k


3 million monthly active users


American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) rated Clue the number one period tracking app


Clue Plus, the paid version of the Clue app, is launched

Launched the #justsayperiod campaign


Clue launches the content encyclopedia: http://helloclue.com


Clue launches Irregular Cycles feature, helping users identify symptoms of PCOS

Clue releases Season 1 of podcast “Hormonal” on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud


Launched Clue Pregnancy mode

Added Content Tab to the Clue app

Released Season 2 of podcast “Hormonal


Audrey Tsang and Carrie Walter become Clue’s co-CEOs

Clue introduces the Flex Friday policy


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2M+ évaluations

Ce qui rend Clue si populaire

« J'adore cette application ! Je l'utilise depuis plusieurs années et je la trouve super adaptée à mes besoins. Le visuel est super pour suivre son cycle. Il y a également la possibilité d'ajouter des remarques prédéfinies ou plus personnelles. Application très complète !! »

« Application très simple d'utilisation. Je me réfère tout le temps au dictionnaire qui est inclus pour comprendre certains termes que je ne connaissais pas. Son design est parfait et loin des stéréotypes féminins. Contrairement aux autres applis, votre écran n'est pas envahi de petits cœurs et de fleurs roses... Et rien que pour ça, je dis OUI ! »

« Je trouve cette application vraiment pratique ! On peut y indiquer sa méthode de contraception et créer des rappels pour prendre sa pilule. L'application vous prévient également quelques jours à l'avance du début de vos règles. Elle vous indique aussi quand il y a un retard. Cette application est idéale pour toute personne souhaitant suivre ses règles. »

New leadership - same vision

Carrie Walter (Clue’s former General Counsel) and Audrey Tsang (Clue’s former Chief Product Officer) are Clue's co-CEOs as of March 2021, covering these diverse areas with a collaborative leadership style that suits Clue and how they both love to work. Read more about Clue’s new leadership here.

a photo of Carrie Walter and Audrey Tsang

Carrie Walter & Audrey Tsang, Co-CEOs

a photograph of Audrey

Audrey Tsang Co-CEO

a photo of Carrie

Carrie Walter Co-CEO

A photo of Antonia

Antonia Seffen VP of Finance

a photo of Greg

Greg Ryzhov CTO

A photo of Sarah

Sarah Ottawa Head of People

A photo of Lynae

Lynae Brayboy MD, FACOG Chief Medical Officer

A picture of Amanda

Amanda Shea PhD Head of Science

We’re always working on something exciting.

Check out the links below to see what we've been up to.

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Clue Period Tracking App

Available on iOS and Android, the Clue app features cycle predictions, analyses, and educational content.

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Clue Encyclopedia

We create content around menstrual health, written and fact-checked by clinicians and science writers.

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Hormonal Podcast

A podcast about hormones and how they shape our world, hosted by Rhea Ramjohn.

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Clue webinars for clinicians

Our CMO, Dr. Lynae Brayboy, leads webinars for continuing education for clinicians.

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Clue Press

Our work and leadership has been praised by some of the world’s leading publications.

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Clue Privacy Policy

Data privacy is at the core of what we do: we never have, and never will, sell our users’ data.

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Clue Careers

Looking for a new role? Want to make a real change? Check out our vacancies, we’d love to hear from you.

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Clue is a menstrual tracking app, an encyclopedia, a resource for your health, and more. Here are all the posts...

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