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Carrie Walter

A photo of Carrie Walter
Co-CEO at Clue

Carrie Walter is Clue's co-CEO.

Photo by Franz Grünewald.

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About Clue

Patient Data Privacy at Clue: A statement from the Co-CEOs

We do not sell your health data, we protect it and we will not disclose it

About Clue

Leaving the best job I’ve ever had

I am so grateful for the years I got to dedicate to Clue, the hardest and most important work of...

About Clue

Data is power, and responsibility: what we believe as Clue’s Co-CEOs

The recent overturning of Roe vs Wade has not only changed the landscape of reproductive rights in the US, it...

A photograph of Co-CEOs, Audrey and Carrie.
About Clue

One year post-Roe: This is what we want Clue users to know

No matter where you are in the world, we will never allow your private health data to be used against...

A photo of Carrie and Audrey.
About Clue

Innovation matters—and it matters who innovates #IWD2023

A great place to start is by backing female entrepreneurs and female-led teams.