femtech companies join forces
Gender Equality

Femtech companies join forces at the Women’s March

Clue attended a women's health roundtable the night before the Women's March on Washington. Flex and Glow hosted the event, and attendees included companies like Celmatix, Cora and nonprofits like Camions of Care, Besider and Support the Girls. Amongst us were also activists, lobbyists, lawyers and authors focused on female health.

We spoke about what we can do to keep women's issues top of mind in government, society and healthcare.

The main topics of discussion were:

  • Innovation — using data to push reproductive health research and technology forward.
  • Empowerment — providing women with personalized insights so they can take control over their reproductive lives.
  • Communication — changing the way we talk to our users. NO euphemisms or derogatory, condescending language.
  • Social stigma — rebalancing perceptions around menstruation and PMS and embracing period positivity.
  • Advocacy — using our resources and intersectional understanding to stay informed about policies, help one another and improve quality of life.

We're all working to push female health and reproductive equality forward — when we come together, we can achieve so much more.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

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