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Bikes and menstrual cups are both powerful tools for social change. When people with periods have ambition, mobility AND access to reusable menstrual products, they can accomplish a lot. Plus, they’re both great alternatives for the environment.

That’s why we donated $1,000 to the Sustainable Cycles GoFundMe campaign and their 2017 ride across the US and Mexico. Along the route they’ll be hosting workshops covering basic menstrual health information, vital bicycle safety tips and an exhibition of reusable menstrual products. Since 2011, they’ve ridden over 16,000 miles to end period taboos and support reproductive autonomy through menstrual cycle knowledge.

The mission behind Sustainable Cycles syncs with ours at Clue – to provide information and personal insights so people can better connect with themselves, others and live fuller, healthier lives.

Sustainable Cycles believes that anyone who has, will, or does experience a menstrual cycle deserves access to basic education so that they can make informed choices about their mobility and their menstrual cycle.

The final destination of their ride will aptly be the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference in Atlanta, Georgia on June 23-24, where our scientific researcher and writer Anna Druet will also be in attendance.

Let’s change the way the world thinks about menstruation.

Join us and show your support. Any and all donations are encouraged and appreciated.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

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