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International Women’s Day at Clue HQ

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Every day at Clue is International Women’s Day because we dedicate our work to empowering women to take control of their reproductive health and lives.

We’re going to celebrate International Women’s Day by doing what we always do: working to support and connect women. That’s why we’ll be hosting a Ladies that UX meetup to bring together talented women in tech and design.

Clue UX designer Caroline Hardy will be presenting Clue’s UX strategies and findings, followed by a video “Fix My App: Women in Tech,” discussion moderated by Pia Betton, along with food and drinks.

Ladies that UX is a friendly and informal group of women in Berlin who share an interest in user experience and related topics. Their goal is to learn, connect and support each other by organizing regular meetups. This community and event series focuses on women and people who identify as women and are suitable for all experience levels.

Follow @ladiesthatuxBER and #LTUXber for updates. We look forward to welcoming you to Clue.

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