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Happy Clue Year 2017

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Every day, millions of people track their health using Clue. To give a sense of what 2017 was like for Clue users, we crunched some of the numbers. Happy holidays!



Period days tracked in Clue. If you put all of the blood tracked in those days together (with an average period of 6 days), it would fill over five thousand wine barrels.



Headache days tracked. Lined up side by side, 30 million headache pills would reach from the west coast to the east coast of the United States.



Cramp days tracked. We thought you might want a hot water bottle for this one.



Chocolate craving days tracked. 15 million chocolate bars stacked on top of each other would go 95 kilometers high. That’s the thermosphere, where satellites live!



High sex drive days tracked. If you were aroused for one minute of each of those days, that would add up to over 28,000 YEARS of being turned on.

06 houses medium


Total sex days tracked. If sex lasted 15 minutes on average, that’s 200 calories per session. That amount of energy could heat 67 homes in the United States for a year.



Happy days tracked. Well, it looks like we know what made you happy for at least 41 million of those days ;)

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

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