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How to Use Clue

Clue: Not your average period tracking app

It can be used to track and predict your period, PMS, and more.

“When was your last period?”

Sitting in front of my doctor and trying to answer this question always felt like a daunting test. Admittedly, I could barely remember what I ate for breakfast that day. If I didn’t have my period when asked on the spot, it was hard to know.

“Um…” I tried to buy myself time as my doctor waited patiently for my answer. It shouldn’t be this hard to remember, right?

For me, not so much. Life gets busy and seemingly simple things like knowing when my last period was can become easy to forget.

That’s why I downloaded Clue.

Although I was initially using Clue to track my periods, the app became so much more than just a period calendar—it’s a way to know my body better. Everything from cravings to changes in my mood to the amount of sleep I get each night can be tracked. It’s important for me to know this stuff so I can be on top of any changes that are out of the ordinary. After tracking for three months, for example, I noticed that between days 24-29 of my cycle, I start experiencing PMS-related symptoms such as carb cravings and mood changes. On the first day of my period, I often get cramps, but on days two and three, they subside drastically. These were symptoms I didn’t pay attention to before, but tracking has helped me get to know my cycles and bodily symptoms better than ever.

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Track your period, PMS, cravings, and more in the Clue app.

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The next time my doctor asks me the date of my last period, I’ll not only be able to tell her instantly, but I’ll also be able to give her a full report on my cycle health which I can download as a PDF straight to my phone.

If you want to go beyond your periods and get more in-tune with your overall health, start using Clue and get to know your body better.

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