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Clue awarded Editors’ Choice by Google Play

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Today was a good day. Clue was selected as an "Editors' Choice" app in the Google Play Store.

This is a huge deal. Period, fertility and pregnancy apps are some of the most popular apps on Android, but Clue is the first female health app to receive this recognition, which is given to the most trusted, reliable and user-friendly publishers.

"When we curate apps for Editors' Choice, we look for both innovation and best-in-class design and development. Clue's application of Material Design principles and emphasis on the user experience made them a perfect example of the sort of app we want to showcase." -Maxim Mai, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Our Android app launched in October 2014 and has quickly become one of the leading apps for period and fertility tracking, earning the "Best of 2015" nod by Google last year.

Want to help more people find Clue? Give us a review in the Google Play store.

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