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A Big Day for Clue: Announcing Our Series A Funding

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I have a big announcement to make.

It's big not only because of the check size, but because it has boosted Clue into the top tier of early stage startups. It's big also because it means we not only have incredibly smart people on board, but also the perfect VCs for Clue. People who have a passion and a talent for growing early stage companies into global movements (Twitter, Kickstarter, Foursquare, just to mention a few). People with their hearts in the right place and whom I trust care about seeing my vision for Clue become a global reality.

Today, I'm so happy to tell you that we have secured our Series A funding round of $7 million from Union Square Ventures (New York) and Mosaic Ventures (London).

We met with Albert from USV and Simon and his partners from Mosaic on two different occasions. The conversation was about what impact Clue is having on the world when every person knows what is going on in their body as they move through their monthly reproductive cycles, and through life. What it means when people can have control over when they have children, when they can be informed about their health, and when they have their data right there on their devices. When we bring all that data to the world's best scientists and we can revisit and update the textbooks based on unprecedented amounts of data. When we engage people across the planet in a global movement to move the fantastic, the foundational, the magical biological process of creating life that we have, out of taboo land and into the age of data.

With that conversation, I knew we had found the right VCs.

And it's real, already. Millions of people across all cultures are using Clue. **With every single data point a user enters, we are moving the world toward an educated, informed and empowered future - for our users and their partners and families, for mothers and daughters and sisters, for doctors and patients. **

With this financing round closed, we can advance the insights that we give individual users about their bodies. We can and will make the app even better and deeper. We will be able to help our users make even more informed decisions about important life choices: like having or not having children, or being alerted when something requires a health professional's advice.

Women's health and reproductive health are still underserved and in their infancy in the tech community, in sensor technologies, in diagnostics and in big data. At the same time, it's an area of life that I know is deeply important and emotional, because I hear it again and again from the community using Clue. And it is of course a part of life that has a huge economic impact on healthcare systems, and on individual's lives. It's a industry with so many services and it's a jungle of (mis)information.

I'm excited about learning from the best investors in consumer mobile applications to succeed in bringing together scientifically sound information, intimate body tracking, sensor data, computing power and best-in-class user experience design. And doing so with respect for our users' data privacy and security. USV and Mosaic have seen it all before and I know they will help the team and me navigate this next exciting part of Clue's journey.

Now it's time for celebration and gratitude to all of our Clue users, who've been so loving and supportive from the very start of our journey. You are the reason we're striving everyday to make your Clue experience even better.

I'm also incredibly grateful to the whole expanded Clue team, including our freelancers and angels, and everyone who has helped us get this far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your passion, dedication and hard work.

It makes me proud and humbled to have Albert and Simon join our journey, but most of all I'm happy for everyone who uses Clue. I know they will end up with a product they will love even more, built by a company backed by people who feel like family.

-Ida Tin
Clue Co-founder and CEO

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

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an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.