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Clue invites powerful voices on the internet to Berlin

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YouTube celebrities have been getting access to the elite, booking interviews with world leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama.**

And that poses the question: How?

These curators share their lives, passions and views with millions of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers. They are dramatically reshaping the media landscape and the way we consume information. Never before have young people had so many platforms to express themselves and directly engage with viewers around the globe.

We're inviting 20 of the most powerful internet celebrities to Berlin for the first ever Berlin Affair to celebrate their voices, shape the online rhetoric AND see a few shows at Berlin Fashion Week.

These social media stars come from the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. They are comedians, fashion and lifestyle gurus, designers, photographers, or DIY experts. They have their own makeup or swimwear brands.

They discuss women's health issues, sexism and violence against women. Together, they reach a combined audience of 40 million people on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

"We're very excited to bring these 20 amazing women to Berlin. Most of them started shooting videos in their bedroom for a couple of hundreds of followers, and they are now engaging with millions of people every week. The world needs informed and willful women who are not afraid to speak up, to take space, to be heard, and Clue and our Berlin Affair event are all about empowering, inspiring, and supporting them." -Ida Tin, Clue CEO and co-founder

The Berlin Affair program will include group discussions on what it means to amplify your voice and use your influence for good. We'll also host workshops, meet with designers at Berlin Fashion Week and show them around Berlin.

Coming soon! Stay tuned for the official Berlin Affair video.

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