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Clue declares September ‘Perimenopause Awareness Month’

A Clue survey found 70% of women and people with cycles don’t know what perimenopause is. Let’s change that.

Our recent survey polled 26,500 Clue users and found a huge knowledge gap about perimenopause–the transitional phase leading up to menopause–due to a lack of education. Those who do learn about it, mostly do so through social media or internet research.

Survey findings: We’re ‘clueless’ about the transition to menopause

  • 90% do not feel well-informed about perimenopause; 70% are not even sure what it is. 

  • 84% of respondents in the age group 35-45 had not yet received any information from their healthcare provider about perimenopause.

  • Only 6% of respondents have received information from a healthcare provider, while 32% heard about it via social media, and 15% through internet search.

  • Perimenopause is not openly discussed amongst 70% of families.

The survey also identified differences between countries, with UK users more likely to say they know what perimenopause is as compared to those in the USA or Germany. However, Clue’s UK users were often the least likely to have received information about perimenopause from a healthcare provider (depending on age group).

Audrey Tsang, Clue Co-CEO, says: “Perimenopause is an incredibly personal and challenging transition which all women and people with cycles will inevitably experience in their lives. As with so much of the female menstrual and reproductive health experience, our survey shows there is a lack of understanding and a culture of silence when it comes to perimenopause. 

The feedback from our survey as well as months of user interviews and research has consistently reiterated how people feel ‘clueless’ when it comes to navigating the physical and mental changes that come with perimenopause. 

Introducing Clue Perimenopause

Just as Clue’s evidence-based, data-driven period tracking has helped millions of people around the world better understand their bodies and cycles, we hope our new Clue Perimenopause mode will help provide much needed insight into individual patterns and cycle changes, to help inform better care and support in this life stage.

Clue Perimenopause mode puts science-based symptom tracking, analysis, and information at users’ fingertips. By having a self-tracked cycle history which highlights significant changes, and a health record to help navigate those changes, Clue helps empower users to take charge of their health and navigate perimenopause.

Joining forces with What the Menopause

While October is officially Menopause Awareness Month, we’re partnering with the What the Menopause community, to make September ‘Perimenopause Awareness Month’ to help raise awareness and understanding.

Founder of What The Menopause Jessica Barac, says: “In our community of over 500,000 women, we hear time and again of women going for months and even years not realizing the symptoms they’re experiencing are actually related to perimenopause–let alone that there’s anything they can do about it to improve their quality of life. By drawing more attention to the experience of perimenopause, when symptoms can be most disruptive and can start anywhere from mid 30's to 50's, we hope more people will be able to get the support and care they need.”

The power of self-tracked data in navigating perimenopause

Clue Perimenopause is an important extension of the Clue Plus portfolio, addressing all life stages for women and people with cycles. 

“As the gender health gap persists, we know that self-tracked data is a powerful tool in turning otherwise invisible, hard-to-articulate experiences into quantifiable observations that you can use to take control of what can otherwise feel like a very confusing and overwhelming time in your life.” - Audrey Tsang, Clue Co-CEO

The mode includes a new Cycle View, so users can see cycle comparisons rather than just being told ‘Your period is X days late’ as typical period trackers do. It includes 14 new perimenopause-specific tracking options including: hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, HRT, vaginal dryness, and much more.

Clue Medical Advisory Board member, Dr Michelle Griffin, adds: “As a gynecologist and women's health expert, I am thrilled to witness the arrival of a groundbreaking perimenopause mode within the Clue app, enabling women to seamlessly track their menstrual cycles and perimenopausal symptoms. This innovation empowers women with knowledge, control, and confidence during a pivotal phase of their lives, ensuring they are well-informed and in charge, rather than overwhelmed. This contributes to a shift in women's healthcare as a whole.”

The new Clue Perimenopause mode is available for Clue Plus subscribers within the Clue app. For press enquiries, please contact press@helloclue.com.

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