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Hope Hunt, DNP, CNM

A photo of Hope Hunt, DNP, CNM
Guest Writer

Hope holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and is a Certified Nurse Midwife. She has been caring for women and people through their reproductive life course for 15 years. Her areas of expertise include pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, with a focus on population health.

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Your body after birthing

Many physical changes happen in the first few days after birthing, including hormone changes. Here are a few things you...

Photo of a runny panty
Your Vagina

What is vaginal discharge and how does it change across the cycle?

The quality, consistency, and volume of cervical fluid types changes along with the menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

What to expect after birth as a surrogate

Birthing as a surrogate comes with unique feelings, challenges, and health concerns. You may find it comforting that despite its...

A roll of toilet paper, which is rolling and a couple of squares of toilet paper are being torn off.
Diet & Exercise

Digestion and your cycle: the truth about period poop

Is period poop a thing? Learn all about food, digestion and the menstrual cycle.

Picture of a person holding their belly
Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

What you need to know about ectopic pregnancy

When a pregnancy doesn’t grow in the uterus it can be life-threatening. You can understand the symptoms and treatment of...