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Cornelia Hainer, PhD

A photo of Cornelia Hainer, PhD
Head of Science

Dr. Cornelia Hainer is our Head of Science at Clue. She holds a doctorate in biology with a focus on female reproductive health. At Clue, her tasks are diverse and include overseeing the creation of medical & scientific content, incorporating expertise into product development, and coordinating various research projects.

Cycle syncing

The truth about cycle syncing and exercise

Everything you need to know about exercise and your menstrual cycle.

How to Use Clue

Clue Period Tracking explained

Clue Period Tracking mode in Clue Plus includes everything you’ve come to love about period predictions and experience tracking with...

An illustration of a bar graph
About Clue

The many meanings of 'heavy' periods

Clue recently partnered with the Gates Foundation on a first-of its-kind study on heavy menstrual bleeding.

About Clue

Scientific research at Clue

When you track in Clue, you contribute to an unprecedented data set used by top institutions and clinicians in research,...

Clue x FitOn

Sleep and the menstrual cycle

What the latest research says about the relationship between sleep and the menstrual cycle

Clue x FitOn

Nutrition and the menstrual cycle

What the latest research says about coordinating your diet with your menstrual cycle.

Menopause and Perimenopause

Hormone replacement therapy and perimenopause

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy still controversial? Clue’s Science Team weighs in.

Menopause and Perimenopause

It’s bloody time we got a clue about perimenopause

The changes were both gradual and seemingly sudden: What was happening to me?

Trying to Conceive

Can I conceive if my cycle is irregular?

While unpredictable cycles can make it harder to predict ovulation, it is possible.

Photo of a woman in a fertile age
Trying to Conceive

How old is too old to have a baby?

If you are 35 or older, it’s likely that what you’ve read on the internet or heard from friends might...

Trying to Conceive

Can tracking ovulation pain help you conceive?

Using it as a way to time sex with ovulation when trying to conceive could be helpful for some.