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Clue and Babbel unite and inspire top female influencers

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The Berlin Affair is a platform built by Clue to allow the most influential female voices on the internet to connect with each other and discuss what it means to be female and working in the realms of technology and media.**

Our 2nd Berlin Affair is right around the corner and this time we've synced up with language learning app, Babbel, to bring together even more multilingual influencers, who represent 12 different languages, to create a free-flowing conversation about entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Here's our video from the 1st Berlin Affair:


We're flying out 50 YouTubers to the picturesque countryside north of Berlin, where we'll be staying in a historic castle from September 7th-10th. This transformational three-day experience aims to celebrate strong female voices to in turn, empower their viewers of all ages, all over the globe.

We believe the world needs informed, strong women to speak up, take space and be heard.

Attendees will be coming from 18 different countries, from the United States to Finland, Columbia to Saudi Arabia. Together, they have an audience of over 70 million subscribers. A few of our guests include: Evelyn Regly, Yossstop, Pautips, Jackie Hernandez, CloeCouture, KrazyRayRay, and Mimi.

Sessions include:

  • Lessons Learned: How to Make It as a Woman in Society and Media with Beate Wedekind, former Editor in Chief of Elle Germany and Founder of The New Africa
  • Follow Your Heart: Tales and Recipes From A Journey of Baking and Sharing with Malin Elmlid of the Bread Exchange
  • Changing The World: One Line Of Code At A Time with Anne Kjaer Riechert, Luna Bandakji and Lina Alhaddad from the REDI School of Digital Integration
  • Breaking Taboos: Understanding and Embracing your Body with Anna Druet & Vedrana Högqvist from Clue’s Science Team

Additionally, there will also be an array of creative activities like meditation sessions, traditional German bread baking, art workshops and more.

Watch your favorite influencers come together. Follow the hashtags #berlinaffair #clueapp from September 7th-10th to see what they’re up to at the Berlin Affair.

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