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Post-Roe Reality: Clue’s commitment to your privacy

We have never and will never allow your private data to be used against you.

June 24th is the second anniversary of the landmark Dobbs ruling by the United States Supreme Court, which overturned Roe v. Wade and revoked the federal right to abortion in the US. This decision profoundly impacted access to reproductive healthcare and privacy for many in the US, in many states, and sparked understandable fear and concern around the world.

In the midst of this evolving landscape, where politics often overshadow science and medicine, we want you to know that we remain unwavering in our commitment to protecting your privacy, and your reproductive autonomy. 

We stand firm in our promise—no matter where you are, we will never allow your private health data to be used against you.

Our principles are clear: Anything that does not fundamentally serve female health and the empowerment of women and people with cycles, is at odds with what we stand for. 

We believe the power of data lies in the knowledge and insights it provides about our health–empowering us to make informed choices, get access to better care and ultimately achieve better health outcomes. 

As the team behind Clue, we deeply understand the responsibility that comes with holding and protecting that data. That’s why we have never, and will never disclose your data to any authority, under any circumstances.

We all deserve reproductive autonomy and the best healthcare—free from misinformation, judgment, shame, and political interference. And we believe that’s worth standing up and fighting for. 

From Berlin with solidarity,

Audrey and the Clue team <3 

Take a stand wherever you are

We’ve created a set of free downloadable and printable posters that can be used anywhere and everywhere by anyone who wants to take a stand for reproductive rights and privacy. 

Download the posters here

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