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Stephanie Liao

Une photo de Stephanie Liao

Stephanie était rédactrice chez Clue.

Photo d'une femme avec les mains dans les cheveux
Peau & Cheveux

En quoi les cheveux, l'activité physique et le sexe sont-ils liés à votre cycle

Why do bad hair days happen? Why does sex feel amazing on some days and not as great on others?...

Photo of a woman staring at her mobile

How to track your body's changes when going on or off birth control

If you’ve ever started or stopped taking hormonal birth control, your body may have experienced side effects. Tracking changes in...

Photo of hands holding phone showing Clue app
Comment utiliser Clue

Clue: Not your average period tracking app

Never forget the date of your last period again. Using the Clue app to track your periods is the best...

Photo of someone holding hands over abdomen area.

How Clue can help you make peace with PMS for good

Premenstrual syndrome often has a bad reputation, but we’ve learned to look at it in a whole new way. Here’s...