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The Berlin Affair (Winter 2016)

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On January 20th-23rd, Clue invited 25 of the most powerful female voices from all over the world to Berlin for the first ever Berlin Affair to celebrate their voices and shape the online rhetoric.

The Mission
The Berlin Affair is a platform for some of the most influential female voices out there to gather in one city to connect with each other and discuss what it means to be female and working in the realms of technology and media. During its three-day event experience, we aimed to inspire, celebrate and empower female voices and in turn, embolden each of them to empower their viewers.

The Result 25 Female Voices
10 Countries
40 Million Followers
3 Days of workshops, fashion shows, inspiring talks, sightseeing and long lasting connections


What we did:

clue-invites-powerful-voices 14@2x

Tour of the PREMIUM Fashion Tradeshow

clue-invites-powerful-voices 15@2x

Inspiring talks by the designers Laura Wass and Lisa Lang at PREMIUM

clue-invites-powerful-voices 16@2x

Discovering the Berlin TV Tower with GetYourGuide.

clue-invites-powerful-voices 2@2x

Seeing the Berlin Wall - East Side Gallery - with GetYourGuide.

clue-invites-powerful-voices 17@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 4@2x

Fireside Chat with Ida Tin at the Clue HQ

clue-invites-powerful-voices 27@2x

Bohazel, a small family business based in Berlin, decorated our office with beautiful, traditional textiles made by women in Morocco.

clue-invites-powerful-voices 6@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 10@2x

Macrame workshop with California Dreaming at the vintage shop and breakfast place Rag and Bone Man.

clue-invites-powerful-voices 5@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 11@2x

Fashion Shows in the Brandenburg Gate Tent

clue-invites-powerful-voices 8@2x

Goodbye Dinner at Hallesches Haus
during which David surprised Breland (Glitterforever17) with a proposal!

The Voices:

La Cindina MurielBoom CherylPandemonium Loretta Grace Elena864 Yossstop QueFishTV Craftingeek* Whatthechic Juana Martinez Pautips Happy Sunny Flowers Nightnonstop Maddu Magalhaes Karol Pinheiro Niina Secrets Fabi Santina GlitterForever17 Krazyrayray EmmaCakeCup Lola Dubini Sananas Djulicious Michiko Yamanaka

clue-invites-powerful-voices 12@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 13@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 19@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 20@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 18@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 24@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 25@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 23@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 22@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 21@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 7@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 9@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 28@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 3@2x clue-invites-powerful-voices 29@2x

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