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Illustration of watch depicting a late period.

Illustration by Marta Pucci

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Why is your period late? Tracking in Clue can help you find out.

Many factors like stress levels, travel, and diet could be impacting your menstrual cycle.

A lot of people feel concerned when their periods don’t show up on time. However, there’s no need to worry just yet. There could be a number of reasons as to why your period might be late. These could include:

  • Stress

  • Travel

  • Diet

  • Illness

  • Medication

  • Birth control

Keeping track of changes to your lifestyle and environment can help you pinpoint why you might be experiencing variations in your menstrual cycle. Doing this daily can help you become more aware of what’s happening and let you know if there’s anything you should bring up with your healthcare provider at your next appointment.

Tracking in Clue is free, simple, and something you can start doing today. With Clue, you can view your recent period dates, cycle averages, and predictions for your next three cycles. You can also set a reminder to let you know when your period is coming, and to alert you if it’s late.

Once you start to see patterns in your cycle, you can get a better idea of how your lifestyle might be affecting your period.

Furthermore, you can begin to create solutions to any problems you might be having. Let’s say you start to notice feelings of stress arising right before your period is supposed to occur. By tracking, you not only become aware of this pattern, but you can also start to address it through meditation, exercise, or other coping mechanisms (also trackable in the app). Clue not only provides a way to identify health problems but can also help you find solutions and take action.

Are your periods irregular? Use Clue to keep track.

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Keep in mind that your body is not a clock. Variation in your menstrual cycle is normal, especially if you’re a teenager, breastfeeding, or nearing menopause. The length of your cycle is measured from day one—the first day of your period, up to the day before your next period. Up to 7–9 days of variation in cycle length from one menstrual cycle to another is considered normal for adults.

Want to know why your period is late and start to address these issues? Download Clue and start tracking. It’s a simple way to start learning more about your cycle health today.

eine Illustration der Clue-Blume
eine Illustration der Clue-Blume

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eine Illustration der Clue-Blume
eine Illustration der Clue-Blume

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