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Aubrey Bryan

A photo of Aubrey Bryan
Content Editor at Clue

Aubrey (they/them) supports the content team at Clue by writing the messages you get in the app, editing and updating web content, and more.

Picture of Lynae Brayboy
About Clue

Introducing Clue’s first-ever Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lynae Brayboy

Clue's new Chief Medical Officer will help Clue evolve into the go-to source for women and people with cycles at...

Three video call windows with three different women working in the femtech and fertility fields
About Clue

Bringing awareness to infertility: how tracking your period can help

In recognition of #NIAW2021, and the people with periods and their partners who experience infertility, we hosted a webinar with...

Photo in which the author Aubrey Bryan appears smiling.

How tracking in Clue helped me accept my non-binary identity

Through tracking, I began to see my period and symptoms not as signifiers of my gender, but as ways that...

An image of a pregnant person with their hands on their belly

What it's like to be pregnant as a transmasculine person

Masculine people have been pregnant and birthing as long as there have been people. In reality, my relationship with my...