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Illustration by Marta Pucci

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How is the LGBTQIA+ community using Clue?

This pride month, we asked our users what they loved about Clue

At Clue, we aim to be inclusive, loud, and proud all year-round, not just because we feel we should, but because doing so is baked into our mission: we want anyone with a cycle to live in tune with their body–and we mean everyone. Not to mention, our team is made up of many beautiful LGBTQIA+ people, too. We are a company that considers our LGBTQIA+ followers from the get-go; through language, design, and product. 

So for Pride Month, we reached out to our LGBTQIA+ followers and asked them how they feel Clue includes them. These are some of the responses we got:

Clue is designed for everyone who menstruates

“Hi! I’m a non-binary trans person and I’ve been using Clue for years. Clue is the only app of its kind that isn’t pink and excessively feminine. That’s what drew me to you first. I don’t feel pink and flowery about my cycle. It’s actually really difficult and causes so much dysphoria. Being able to track symptoms in a flexible way that feels like me helps so much. I also love that you can disable options for tracking pregnancy and fertility, which you can’t do with most apps of this category. I wish I didn’t have a period at all, but since I have to I’m glad Clue is there to help me through it. Thanks for all you do and the genuine care for the trans and non-binary community. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈💜” - Kate

“I love that not everything in the app is pink and floral! Nice and friendly and feels more neutral to me. Also, just the general language used does not presume stuff about sexuality/gender/etc. which makes me feel more comfortable. I'm a cis bisexual woman and used it for both tracking periods and ovulation.” - Ella

Clue uses language to include everyone who menstruates

“I am bisexual and I love Clue. I love the gender neutrality and all the great articles that never assume gender or sexual orientation. I love how it helps me to sort through my feelings each day. I love using it and tracking each cycle. It really helps me to think about each day and appreciate them❣️☺️ “ – Grace

“I’m genderfluid, and Clue makes me feel a lot less uncomfy when it comes to my cycle! They make it feel like it’s something that PEOPLE always get, not just girls. and they make it feel normal. Instead of thinking “girl” when I get my period, I think “everyone.” And that’s a mindset that has made me more comfortable! :)” - @quillvering

Clue is made for everyone who menstruates

“It’s my favorite tracker I’ve ever used. Not only is it easy to use but it’s gender-neutral. I’m non binary and every single app made me feel uncomfortable to use and made me hate the blood week more. However, this app is amazing and makes me feel the most comfortable in myself than any other I’ve tried.” - Micah

This pride month, we want to tell our LGBTQIA+ followers that we see you, we acknowledge you, and we know that there is always more that we can do for you. We love to get feedback on how we can make our product more inclusive, how we can design our app to speak to different experiences, and how we can use language to bring more people in. Feel free to send us suggestions on Twitter (@clue) or at http://support.helloclue.com.

Download Clue today, for an inclusive, safe, affirming app, for everyone who menstruates.

una ilustración de la flor de Clue
una ilustración de la flor de Clue

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About Clue

Why we’re proud to work at Clue

For this Pride month, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on why some of our employees are proud to work on making the Clue app, our company, and the world a more inCLUEsive place to coexist.

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una ilustración de la flor de Clue
una ilustración de la flor de Clue

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