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The science of

Clue Birth Control

Clue Birth Control is a feature of your trusted and beloved Clue app.

Clue Mobile App

Use your phone to track your periods in the app and prevent pregnancy without a thermometer, a pill, or hormonal side effects.

Clue Mobile App

Everything you need to know about the science of Clue Birth Control

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What does "FDA-cleared" mean?

Clue Birth Control is a mode of the Clue app that has been FDA-cleared as a software application for contraception.

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How effective is Clue Birth Control?

With typical use, Clue Birth Control is 92% effective; with perfect use, it is 97% effective.

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How does the Clue Birth Control algorithm work?

Clue Birth Control’s algorithm uses your period start dates to predict high and low risk days of pregnancy.

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What are high and low risk days?

On high risk days, you must use a barrier method like condoms every time you have sex that may result in pregnancy.

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What is a Fertility Awareness-Based Method?

Clue Birth Control is a new kind of Fertility Awareness Based Method (FABM) of contraception, which works by using your tracked periods to calculate your daily risk of pregnancy.

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