Our mission is to help women and people with cycles understand their bodies better and take charge of their health.

What exactly am I supporting?

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Clue app

The ongoing development of the app, including features requested by you

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Funds important and under-researched studies in menstrual and reproductive health

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Data privacy

Keeps our data privacy standards high and policies in check

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Allows us to keep the Clue app accessible for anyone who needs it

Our trusted Partners

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Why now?

Clue has been around for six years, and since then, our community has grown to millions of users. That’s something we’re really proud of and we want to continue to be around for our users for as long as possible.

This also raises the questions:

How can Clue be a sustainable company?

What is best for the people who use Clue?

What kind of world do we want to help create?

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The answer was really clear. We wanted to build an app that’s supported by you and other users like you—not by selling your data, but by creating real value in your lives. We decided that the best way to do this would be to allow users to donate to us directly either via Paypal or supporting our efforts with a subscription to Clue Plus.


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2M+ ratings

Happy Clue users

Our users love us. Here is what they are saying:


"Accurate, informative, easy to use! The clean and fun design makes tracking your cycle, dare I say, fun?"

Nicole Layton


"Clue is such an invaluable app! As someone with PCOS and other health conditions that contribute to painful and irregular cycles, Clue has helped me to see patterns in my cycle."

Sophie Purdie


"This app is almost scary with how accurate it is in prediction of ovulation and menstruation times. I'd give 10 stars if I could."

Esther Mungai

Ways to support Clue

With your support you can help us achieve our goal of

Empowering women and people with cycles with the science, data, and technology needed to make informed choices about their lives.

This matters now more than ever before.

Donate on the web

You can set up:

a monthly recurring donation

or a one-off contribution.

The amount and frequency is up to you.

Subscribe to Clue Plus

If you already use the Clue app, subscribing to Clue Plus is also another way to support our mission and efforts.

Our premium plan offers several additional features—like seeing your future predicted cycles and getting a monthly Cycle Review email.

Subscribe now

Log into your Clue app and navigate to the More Menu to subscribe to Clue Plus.

Our story

Our mission is to empower women and people with cycles with the science, data, and technology needed to make informed choices about their life


Clue founded in Berlin by Ida Tin, Hans Raffauf, Moritz von Buttlar and Mike LaVigne


Clue app is launched on iOS


Clue app is launched on Android

Clue raises a seed round of €500k


Clue raises additional funding of $2M

Clue raises Series A funding of $7M


Clue raises Series B funding of $20M


Clue Plus, our premium app version, is launched


Clue launches a new content website: helloclue.com


Clue launches its Irregular Cycles feature, helping users identify symptoms of PCOS

Clue launches its first season of Hormonal podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud


Season 2 of Hormonal

Updated website

Content in app


monthly app users


monthly web readers


science-based, fact-checked articles




The best way to support us is through a Clue Plus subscription. To sign up, open your Clue app and make sure you’re logged into your account.

1. Go to your Menu settings in the Clue app.

2. Tap on Get Clue Plus.

3. Choose a subscription option.

4. Subscribe and you’re all set!

If you’d like to donate with a one-time payment or a recurring amount to Clue, you can do so here.

When you choose to pay for Clue by subscribing to Clue Plus and/or making a donation via our website, that enables us to continue to build a trustworthy and safe app. This means that our team of 70+ remains staffed, we’re able to utilize more data-driven technology, and we can help fund scientific studies that push female health forward.

All of these elements are used to move Clue forward and and bring you a high-quality, scientific, and educational app experience. To learn more about what it takes to fund and build an app, please read this post from our CEO. Please note that Clue does not provide a direct service, other than what is listed above, in return for your donation.

PayPal should provide you with a confirmation receipt of your donation. Please note that Clue cannot provide you with a donation receipt.

Since Clue is not a non profit organization, we cannot provide you with a tax receipt. Therefore, your donation is not tax deductible.

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