We use science and data to provide insights into female health.

At Clue, we’re making a dent in the history of menstrual health. We’ve started by building a cycle tracking app that’s confident, empowering and scientific. Our app is empathetic, positive and not filled with butterflies or euphemisms.

Our goal is to give people a way to track and discover the unique patterns in their cycle. We believe that connected mobile technology is the future of female health.

Meet our founders.

Ida Tin


Born in Copenhagen, Ida graduated from Denmark's prestigious creative business school, the KaosPilots. A lifelong entrepreneur, she previously led motorcycle tours around the world and published a book about her experience, “Direktøs” which became a Danish bestseller.

Hans Raffauf


Hans is a technology and media entrepreneur from Berlin. In addition to founding Clue, he is the co-founder of hy!, a creative event series that supports and connects Europe's startup scene. Other founding projects include the Berlin Hardware Accelerator, betapitch and the Berlin Tech Meetup.

Moritz von Buttlar

Lead Scientist

Moritz is a physicist who is specialized in signal processing and measurement technology. He developed systems for biomedical ultrasound imaging, wearable EEG recording and ultrasound experiments for the International Space Station. His experience covers electronics, software and hardware development.