Ada Dubrawska

Ada is responsible for breaking things at Clue—she takes care of finding bugs in pre-released app versions as our Quality Engineer. Outside of Clue, she manages small businesses’ and charities’ social media pages, ghostwrites for bloggers, and translates Polish and English texts. She has been a Clue user since 2015 and has been tracking daily for over 1100 days! A fan of cats, dumplings, and the Oxford comma.

Preferred birth control: Nuvaring—light on hormones, fuss-free, and you only have to change it once a month

Favorite reproductive health fact: It’s totally fine to skip your period using hormonal contraceptives if you’re not concerned with breakthrough bleeding



6 tips for intimacy after abuse

Although there are many resources on how to report and overcome sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, intimacy after abuse is a topic that is rarely...