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Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Is Clue Birth Control the right contraception for me?

Clue Birth Control is a digital contraceptive that is free from hormones and side effects.

Top Things to Know:

  • Clue Birth Control uses cycle tracking to predict high risk (fertile) days

  • Only people who meet the eligibility criteria can use Clue Birth Control safely

  • Clue Birth Control is best for people who:

    • Like tracking their periods 

    • Will use condoms when having sex on high risk days

  • To see if Clue Birth Control will work for you, open it in the Clue app and go through the Eligibility Checklist 

  • You can read the Clue Birth Control User Manual and share it with your healthcare provider

First things first, Clue Birth Control isn't a pill or an implant. It's a software application for contraception that uses an algorithm that combines clinical research data on the cycles of a large collection of diverse women, with the inputs from your own menstrual cycle tracking to predict your high risk (fertile) days. You’ll need to use a barrier method such as a condom when having sex that could result in a pregnancy on high risk days. To get started you need three things: An IOS smartphone, the most up-to-date version of the Clue app, and an Internet connection. It’s revolutionary because it’s hormone free, has no side effects, and can effectively help you prevent pregnancy.

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Prevent pregnancy by tracking your cycle with Clue Birth Control

  • Download the Clue app on the App Store
  • Download the Clue app on the Play Store


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Is Clue Birth Control right for me? 

Not everyone can use Clue Birth Control—you must meet the eligibility criteria for Clue Birth Control to make accurate predictions for you. If you’re not eligible for Clue Birth Control, this doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your cycles. Clue Birth Control uses technology that requires certain parameters to accurately make predictions, but many people can have cycle characteristics that do not meet this criteria. You can still use the Clue Period Tracking mode to track your cycle and symptoms. To use Clue Birth Control, check if you can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Are you 18-45 years old?

  • Can you track your period start date every cycle?

  • Can you keep your app updated?

  • Can you use a condom on high risk days to prevent pregnancy? 

  • Are your cycles between 20 and 40 days long?

  • Do your cycles vary by 9 days or less each month?

  • Do you live in the USA?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, and Clue Birth Control seems right for you so far, awesome! But wait, there are a few more boxes to check.

Does Clue Birth Control fit my lifestyle? 

When considering what type of birth control is right for you, it’s important to choose the one you’ll use correctly and consistently. Now that you know whether or not you are eligible, you can consider whether Clue Birth Control fits your lifestyle. 

Clue Birth control is right for you if:

  • You are someone who loves to track your health 

  • You are someone who can reliably use condoms on high risk days

  • You might have disliked or experienced side effects with other forms of birth control, and are looking for a hormone-free option

  • You are someone who wants to learn more about your cycle and your body

  • You can use condoms to protect you from STIs

Don't use Clue Birth Control if:

  • You're currently using any form of hormonal birth control 

  • You have recently stopped using hormonal birth control and have had less than 3 eligible cycles (4 periods) since stopping

  • You've recently been pregnant and haven't had 3 eligible cycles (4 periods) since the pregnancy ended 

  • The possibility of getting pregnant is unacceptable for you, for instance, because pregnancy would put you or the fetus at risk

What is a menstrual cycle and how does it affect Clue Birth Control?

One example cycle in the Clue App

Next, let’s talk about your cycle and how it will impact your eligibility for Clue Birth Control. 

Your menstrual cycle is more than just your period. It also consists of the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase.  

Your cycle begins the first day of your period. This is the beginning of the follicular phase and it lasts until ovulation. Lots of factors like stress, exercise, and diet can impact the length of this phase and how long it takes your body to prepare for ovulation (1-4). Ovulation is when a mature egg is released from your ovaries. After ovulation, the luteal phase begins and lasts from after ovulation until the day before your next period. You can learn more about the events of your menstrual cycle in this article.

Cycle length

To use Clue Birth Control, all of your cycles must be 20-40 days long. Cycle lengths between this range are necessary for the Clue Birth Control algorithm to accurately predict your high risk (fertile) days.

Cycle predictability

Your cycles must also be “predictable,” which means that they can’t vary in length by too much across cycles. If you take a look at your last 12 cycles, and the difference between the shortest cycle length and longest cycle length was more than 9 days, Clue Birth Control cannot as accurately predict your fertile days. To see if this applies to you, look at the difference between the lengths of your longest and shortest cycle. For example, if the shortest cycle length was 25 days and the longest was 34 days, then the difference was 9 days (this makes you eligible for Clue Birth Control). 

Can I use Clue Birth Control alongside hormonal birth control or the copper IUD?

Clue Birth Control cannot be used alongside hormonal birth control or the copper IUD. If you are using a hormonal birth control method or the copper IUD and would like to use Clue Birth Control, you should stop using your current method and wait until you have had at least 3 eligible cycles (4 periods) since stopping. If you have had at least 3 eligible cycles (4 periods) since the end of the protection period of your most recent birth control shot, you might be eligible based on your cycles. You will need to meet all the other criteria listed in this article based on your last 3 cycles.

Can I use Clue Birth Control if I was recently pregnant?

If you’ve been pregnant recently, and the pregnancy has ended, you can use Clue Birth Control as long as you have had at least 3 eligible cycles (4 periods) since the end of the pregnancy and meet all the other criteria listed in this article. If you haven’t had 4 periods yet, talk to your healthcare provider about what type of birth control you can use in the meantime.  

Can I use Clue Birth Control if I’m breastfeeding/chest feeding?

Breastfeeding/chest feeding suppresses ovulation for varying amounts of time for different people and it’s possible to ovulate before having a postpartum period (5-7). This means your period probably won’t return for a while if you’re breastfeeding/chest feeding. During the window when you aren’t menstruating, Clue Birth Control cannot predict your high risk (fertile) days. To use Clue Birth Control, you need to have had at least 4 postpartum periods, and meet all the other criteria listed below based on your last 3 cycles. 

What is my risk of getting pregnant while using Clue Birth Control? 

Clue Birth Control is 92% effective with typical use, and 97% effective when used perfectly (8, 9). That means that with perfect use, we expect 3 out of 100 women who use the app for one year will get pregnant. When used typically we expect 8 women out of 100 to get pregnant during one year of use (8, 9). Read our article to learn more about typical vs. perfect use. To compare this to other birth control methods, check out the table below. 

If a pregnancy would put you or the fetus at risk, or other harm would occur, Clue Birth Control is not right for you. Talk to your healthcare provider about which birth control options might be a good fit for you. 

For more information, refer to the Clue Birth Control User Manual. You can save it to your phone and show your healthcare provider at your next appointment to get their opinion on how it will work for you. 

Download Clue to start using Clue Birth Control. 

A table depicting the efficacy of different birth control methods

Clue Birth Control will be launched in the USA in 2022. We are excited to bring Clue Birth Control to other countries soon. This will take a little more time, but we’re on it.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

Announcing Clue Birth Control Exclusive Launch

About Clue

Clue Birth Control, our FDA-cleared digital contraceptive is (almost) here

We’ve got some exciting news: Clue Birth Control is now available to an initial group of people in the USA. Our FDA-cleared and clinically tested digital contraceptive is an innovative way to prevent pregnancy.

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