How to Use Clue

How to password protect Clue

Make your app private to protect your information

Some people may want to share their period start and end dates with their partner or friends, but others may not. It is up to you whether you want to share the information you track with others. If you share your device with someone else, or you feel like someone might look at your phone without your permission, you can protect your data in Clue by password protecting your app. You can opt-out of notifications too, to keep your data completely private.

At Clue, we believe that information about your body empowers you to make informed choices. But it could also be used against you if someone is trying to control your actions. So we have created a password protection feature in the app to give you control over who can see your reproductive health information. 

If you are using an iOS device, you can set up a passcode for the Clue app by tapping the More Menu and then selecting Settings. Then tap Passcode and select Enable Passcode. Follow the instructions to set a new 4-digit passcode. Once finished, you will be asked to enter the passcode each time you open the app. If you forget your passcode, you can tap Forgot Passcode when trying to log in and follow the instructions. You can also disable the passcode at any time, by tapping the More Menu and then selecting Settings. Then tap Passcode and select Disable Passcode. 

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