How to Use Clue

How to get birth control reminders in Clue

Get reminders to take or swap your birth control

Clue is the science-based period tracking app you know and love, but did you know it can help you track birth control, too? If you have the IUD, shot, pill, patch, or ring, Clue can remind you when to take it or swap it, tell you what to do if you miss a pill (or two), let you know when your next “period” (withdrawal bleeding) is due, and help you keep track of any side-effects or symptoms you may be experiencing. 

To set a reminder for your birth control on Clue, tap the “More” menu, then tap your name to access your profile. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap “Birth Control.” In this menu, you can select which type of hormonal birth control you use. Select your birth control, then you can set a reminder including date and time. 

Using an IUD? You can track when the IUD thread was checked, or when the IUD was inserted or removed. Patch and ring users can track when the patch or ring is removed, replaced, removed late, or replaced late. If you take the pill, you can track when you take a pill, take a pill late, miss a pill, or double up on pills because you missed a previous day. Shot users can track the date of injections. Just remember that while you're taking hormonal birth control, your predicted ovulation day will not be displayed. Hormones from your pill prevent your body from ovulating, so your predicted day of ovulation will never be shown.

Download Clue to track your hormonal birth control.

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