How to Use Clue

How to create unique tracking in Clue

Track unique experiences throughout your cycle

Clue is not just a period tracking app. It has many tracking options for every part of your life, from pain like “Cramps” and “Headache” to energy levels like “Energized” and “Exhausted.” Tracking our everyday experiences is not just useful for learning about how our bodies change during our cycle, but can also be helpful for showing a healthcare provider if you notice a change that isn’t typical for you. People using Clue have reported that tracking their experiences has helped them identify when to expect PMS or how their emotions fluctuate during their cycle. While we have many different tracking options available, we know that sometimes people want to track something unique to them and their lives. That’s why we give you the option of making your own tags to track anything you want.

To make your own tag, simply tap the “More” menu, and then select “Tracking Options.” Scroll down the options and toggle “Tags” on. Navigate back to “Your current cycle” and when you click on “Track”, you’ll be able to see “Tags” when you scroll through the other tracking categories. You can now make your own, unique tracking tags!

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