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#ConnectMore with your friends

by Shari Mahrdt, Former Video Producer at Clue
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Talking about periods with friends helps us understand and look out for ourselves and each other.**
**Our latest feature, Clue Connect, makes it easier to start that conversation by sharing upcoming periods, fertile windows and PMS, and viewing friends' upcoming predictions as well.

When it comes to menstruation and fertility, you're not alone. People all over the world, and right next to you, are experiencing the same thing.

Whether you pack extra tampons in your bag, surprise your friend with chocolate or simply understand their symptoms, you'll be able to show your friends you care.

Join the movement. Invite your friends to Clue Connect today. And start a conversation with your network by sharing this video with #ConnectMore. It's amazing what tearing down boundaries and taboos can do for your relationships and community.

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