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Clue user stories: Selma and Katie

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People contact us regularly with stories about how Clue has helped them become more aware of their health. Some people track changes in their body. Others want to understand the relationship between patterns in their cycle or chronic conditions.

Meet Selma and Katie. These are their stories:

Selma, 16


Where are you from? Bergen, Norway

What's your profession? Student

Why did you start using Clue?
To track my irregular period and generally understand my body better. I was looking for a more informative and "neutral" app and saw a YouTube video by Laci Green recommending it.

How has Clue helped you?
Clue has helped me become more aware of my body and has taught me that my cycle is both unique and normal at the same time. Clue also helped me pinpoint any concerns I had about my cycle or body in general, so that I felt more comfortable talking to my doctor about it.

What have you learned about your body from using Clue? I've learned that my body follows a certain pattern that I wasn't aware of earlier. You don't often see such detailed statistics about your own body and it's very interesting to discover how things like menstrual flow, pain and mood are closely tied together. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune disorder affecting the small intestines whenever you eat gluten) and because I'd gone so long being sick - I was malnourished and suffered from iron deficiency - I had quite light periods. However, when I got better my periods started getting very heavy and Clue helped me track this change in my body. With Clue I could check my cycle history and almost pinpoint the exact moment when my body started to change. Tracking digestion really helped me see that there was something wrong with me in the first place.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue?
My favourite thing to track in Clue must be energy. When I'm on my period I often feel quite low in energy and whether I feel high or low has a big impact on my daily life!

Katie, 24


Where are you from? Ohio, USA

What's your profession? Interior Designer

Why did you start using Clue? I downloaded Clue because I was looking for the best possible female wellness app for my specific needs. I say wellness app because I don't really need a period tracker as I take birth control continuously. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (when a woman's ovaries stop working before she is 40) nine years ago. I do not have regular periods and as of nine years ago there was a 7% chance I could have a biological child of my own. I have downloaded countless apps to track general wellbeing, birth control reminders, sex, emotions etc. but every single one tells me when my period is late! This is so frustrating! Thank you to Clue for realizing that some of us do not have "normal" periods!

How has Clue helped you?
I appreciate having the option to turn off period predictions and add/change how I track my wellbeing using Clue - and all without being so pink! There's nothing wrong with pink but there are so many more colors in the world. As an interior designer, I really enjoy the aesthetic of Clue and the attention to detail that so many others have forgotten.

What have you learned about your body from using Clue?
I have learned that so many other factors can play a part in not only periods but total wellbeing and I am very excited to learn even more as I continue to use the app and explore the blog.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue? Emotions and sex! Haha the icons are too cute!

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