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Clue ambassador stories: Marching for equality

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The Clue Ambassador Program is a community of people from all over the world using their voices to open the conversation around menstrual health.

International Women's Day is on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017. In celebration of our worldwide effort to achieve gender and reproductive equality, we spoke with a few of our ambassadors about their experiences at the Women's March in January. Here's what they had to say:

Kendra, 30


Where are you from? Wichita, Kansas, USA

What's your profession? Executive assistant to the President and Liaison to the Board of Trustees of Exploration Place

Why did you start using Clue? I started using Clue because I was looking for a tracking app that wasn't girly or goofy looking and that tracked my information accurately. I LOVE how easy and clean the Clue app looks!

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue? Period cycle and symptoms. Definitely gives me a heads up on my PMS!

Why did you march? I marched because I am a child of immigrants, I am a woman, I am a minority, I am a sexual assault survivor, I have friends in the LGBTQ community – and the current administration is threatening all of these facets that make up who I am. I marched for all of those that couldn't and I marched for myself. I am generally a quieter person, but this year I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and fight for what is right.

What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? It was incredibly empowering to see so many women and men stand up and make their voices heard. I live in a pretty conservative state and to see the amount of people that showed up was incredible. The solidarity, the positivity, the overall feeling was amazing. I don't think I have a least favorite part in regards to the march itself. I was disappointed to see the negative comments from those that weren't there.

What was your overall takeaway from the march?: My biggest takeaway was that I wasn't alone in my feelings. I felt empowered to continue volunteering and making my concerns heard. It was powerful, peaceful and positive.

Adele, 16


Where are you from? Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

What's your profession? Student

Why did you start using Clue? To help inform me on all things personal health.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue? My period!

Why did you march? I marched for all the marginalized groups of people living here who deserve love and respect.

What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? My favorite part was definitely the feeling of love, acceptance and joy that was all around us. Everyone felt completely safe and surrounded by people who were passionate about one another. Everyone was so nice and the energy in the air was indescribable. No bad parts!

What was your overall takeaway from the march?: There is hope, and we will continue to fight for what is right – we will not relent. We all need to do is stand up and use whatever positions of privilege we can to help those who don't benefit from the system. We can stop hate and discrimination from spreading and we can uplift people and make them feel loved.

Doria, 30


Where are you from? London, United Kingdom

What's your profession? Physician's assistant

Why did you start using Clue? To help me track my very irregular period and have a better grasp on my hormonal flux. After six months the app has let me know, as suspected, that my periods are not within the normal range. So I've booked an appointment with an endocrinologist and will be using Clue to show them some hard evidence.

What's your favorite thing to track in Clue? Feelings and mood.

Why did you march? I marched in solidarity with women in the US as their new president is already tearing down their rights and access to healthcare. I marched in solidarity with women of colour and LGBTQ+ in particular, as they are the ones most affected by civil inequality and are in even more danger as minorities. My aim was to show support so that they would not feel alone, so that when they looked at the news, they would see people around the world care about them, everywhere.

What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? The signs were wonderful and hilarious. The protest itself was very pleasant and nice, probably one of the most peaceful, friendly protest I've ever been to. People came with their kids and a little boy had a sign that said "Trump is a poopoo head". It was obvious that everyone had come to support each other and there was a strong sense of solidarity and friendship. My least favourite part was seeing political stalls and people with signs relating to their own political agenda. It felt like recuperation, the march already had a theme, so bringing the conversation back to yourself is not useful.

What was your overall takeaway from the march? Solidarity and sisterhood, we all came to say we would stand together and it made me happy to see so many people there. I feel like the march showed that we can all take a stand for each other's rights–and that's exactly what makes us strong.

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