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Meet Clue

We asked the guys at Clue: Why do you work for a period tracking app?

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At Clue, we believe period tracking and reproductive health are relevant to everyone — not just those with a menstrual cycle. Yet people are often surprised when they hear that we have an evenly gender-split team. So we asked all of the dudes who work here why they chose Clue. Read below to learn what motivates them.


This is a trick question. Clue is more than a period tracking app. Clue helps people to track their health, learn about the rhythm of their cycles and help answer questions like, "Am I healthy? Am I 'normal?'" I get to work with a freakishly talented team and collaborate with doctors and researchers from places like Stanford, Columbia, Harvard and Oxford. I joined to have an impact on global health, and we're actually doing that. Why am I doing this? This is my dream job.



This is easy. Reproductive health is a global issue that affects the entire population. It's important whether or not you have a cycle. (Pro-tip: If your partner has a cycle, being aware of it can drastically improve your relationship.)



It's nice not to be working for complete arseholes.



I work for Clue because health data will help women take control of their bodies and get warned about diseases early on. It all starts with cycle tracking.



The tech world needs more meaningful products and less "cool" apps. Cool is fine, but not enough. That's why I work at Clue. We're solving real problems, not made-up ones.



Being a white male, I'm saddened by the unequal world we built. Working at Clue channels that sadness into something productive. I believe in making informed decisions. We build Clue to help users around the world gain insights into reproductive health. With this added transparency we can make informed choices about reproduction, shifting the responsibility from one to all involved parties. Equal reproductive rights for everyone. Once that happens I will be happy.



I work for Clue because it's a tool that empowers users, makes their lives easier and healthier. I'm sure that most women will be tracking their cycle digitally in the future.



I am no longer young and had quite a lot of life experience. Nevertheless, I only recently realized how important the female cycle is in regards to the moods and feelings in my relationship. Understanding the cycle of my partner makes my life easier and revolutionized our relationship.



I chose to work for a period tracking app because I care about health. When speaking about health issues there's no distinction between XX and XY. There's nothing better than working for a company that helps people.



I was feeling burnt out after working in consulting shop after consulting shop, where everyone-but-the-guy-with-the-money could see the project was doomed to fail, and nobody even cared. I wanted a change - to get out of consulting and work somewhere where I can help build something. And I want to build something that's actually, you know, useful to the world.



As a freelancer, I work with various tech companies, but Clue is one of my favorites. The problem it solves is critical, universal, yet not widely understood.



Clue is all about empowering women and allowing them to make informed decisions about their life and health. It's about freedom and autonomy; there is nothing more important than that! With Clue, you're also part of something bigger. You're improving your well-being and self-knowledge but you're also supporting women's health on a global scale.



I joined for the technical challenge of creating a complex custom UI, but I stayed upon realizing that making something that changes people's lives can change your life in return! Once you're part of the Clue family, there's no going back…this is the place to be.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

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