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Art by Emma Günther & Marta Pucci

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News about Clue Birth Control

What Clue’s relaunched app means for you.

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What you need to know

The Clue app is currently being rebuilt to bring you an even better experience and improved features for tracking your period and cycle-related experiences. Unfortunately we need to take Clue Birth Control offline during this time. We’re very sorry to have to interrupt your experience.

While we take the time to rebuild the Clue app, we’ll be taking the valuable feedback you’ve given us while using Clue Birth Control into account. Thank you for helping us make Clue Birth Control the best it can be. 

To say thank you for your patience, we’re giving you 12 months of Clue Plus for free. In the next section, we’ll guide you through how to get your free subscription. 

We’ll let you know as soon as Clue Birth Control is back. 

How to get your free Clue Plus subscription

If you’ve opted in to getting emails from Clue, you should have received one from us about your free subscription with a link that you can use to get it. All you need to do is tap the button “Get your free subscription”.

If you didn’t receive the email, or are having problems setting up your free subscription, please contact our Support Team. They’ll be happy to help.

How to continue using Clue

You’ll get the newly designed Clue with your next app update. Once you’re in, you can switch to Clue Period Tracking to continue tracking your cycle. You don’t have to worry about the data you tracked in Clue Birth Control mode, it will all be automatically transferred over.

You can switch modes in these two ways:

  1. Do it right away. Go to the ‘More Menu’ in your Clue app and tap ‘Mode: Clue Birth Control’. You can then select Clue Period Tracking as your new mode.

  2. Wait until after the update. You’ll then be guided to switch modes directly from your Cycle View screen.

Please remember, you should not use other Clue modes to prevent pregnancy. This includes both Clue Period Tracking and Clue Conceive. Those modes are not effective in preventing pregnancy. They were not built to be used as birth control and therefore don't have the necessary safety precautions. Using them as birth control may put you at higher risk of unintended pregnancy.

Alternative birth control options

There are many different contraceptive methods you can consider switching to while Clue Birth Control isn’t available. To help you choose which one is best for you, we’ve put together some useful information.

Different types of birth control:

  • Hormonal birth control. This includes pills, patches and rings. 

  • IUDs (intrauterine devices). This is both hormonal and copper IUDs.

  • Barrier methods. These are condoms, diaphragms, caps and spongers.

For more information on birth control methods, check out our articles on hormonal birth control options and non-hormonal birth control options.

We also recommend speaking with a healthcare provider about your options. If you’d like to book an appointment with your nearest Planned Parenthood clinic, click here to schedule a telehealth or in-person visit.

What’s exciting about the new Clue?

When you switch to Clue Period Tracking, you’ll notice a lot of exciting new updates. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect.

40+ science-based tracking options. We've added over 40 additional science-based tracking options for you to choose from, making tracking even more personal to your individual experience.

Fresh, sleek, seamless design. We've given the tracking icons you know and love a makeover, redesigned screens, and made the overall app experience even smoother.

17 languages to choose from. Dutch, Indonesian, and Swedish have been added to our list of languages, so that more people can use Clue in their native language across the globe.

More accessible features. Our revamped color system adds extra contrast which helps with readability, making Clue more accessible for people with visual impairments.

Premium Customer Care with Clue Plus. Faster answers to your questions and special treatment from our Support Team? You deserve it. 

Questions? We’re here to listen

If you’re having trouble finding something in the newly designed app, have more questions about Clue Birth Control, or simply want to tell us how much you’re loving the new design, our Support Team is here to help. Get in touch with them here, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ll be in touch about when Clue Birth Control will be back and we’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support as we work to build the best version of Clue yet.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.

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an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

Live in sync with your cycle and download the Clue app today.