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How to Use Clue

New in Clue: Polish, Hindi, Korean, and Turkish

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Our global community is growing bigger by the day, so we're adding even more languages to the app. We're happy to announce that tracking is now available in Polish, Hindi, Korean and Turkish on both iOS and Android platforms.

Now, Clue supports 15 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Danish, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Polish, Hindi, Korean and Turkish.

How to change language settings in Clue: On iOS, you can change your language in your Clue settings (go to More > Settings). On Android, language in Clue is based on the language settings of your device. If your phone is set to a language Clue doesn't yet support, then English will be set as the default language.

Happy tracking! Download Clue today to start tracking (in your mother tongue)

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