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New in Clue: Accounts for everyone

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Does this sound familiar? You wake up and track in your Clue app on your iPad that you're feeling happy. Then when you get to work, you want to log some cramps - but you only have your Android phone with you. Up until now, you'd have to enter them separately.

Today's update changes that - now, everyone has accounts.

You can now create an account in Clue with an email and password that you can use to log in on any device, iOS or Android - or even both at once. Your data will sync seamlessly between platforms.

Clue on iOS | Clue on Android

This is also our first step toward sharing your cycle data with another person - if you want to give a partner, friend or relative access to your Clue login, they will also be able to view and update your account on their device (but we're working on an even better version of this soon…)

If you create an Account in Clue, your data will be backed up securely on our servers, providing peace of mind if something happens to your device or if you change phones.

You can read more about our approach to data and your privacy on our Privacy Page.

And of course, you can still use Clue without an account if you prefer (but if you do, remember you data will only be stored locally on your device, so please use another backup method!)

We're thrilled to launch our new accounts feature, and we hope it makes using Clue an even better experience for you. If you have any feedback or questions, you can always reach us at, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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