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Meet Clue

Meet Clue: Stéphanie

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Name: Stéphanie

At Clue since: March 2016

Hometown/Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Temer nunca!

What you used to do (past work): Post-production, color grading. That’s also the reason why I moved to Berlin.

What you do now (current work at Clue): Lead Support Agent

Why Clue (why do you work here): Clue gives me the opportunity to help people empower themselves by knowing about their cycles and health, and this is a main topic for me. I was already an user of Clue before this job, and I just love being part of this huge revolution made of so many little ones.

Guilty pleasure song: “Men at work” by Overkill

Favorite lunch spot in Kreuzberg: Cicciolina. Hmm

Favorite Clue icon: Swimming. I have learned it quite recently and I’m so proud of it.

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