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Meet Clue: Lisa

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Our team at Clue is pretty rad, and we’d like you to get to know us a little better. Meet our Director of Marketing, Lisa (and her dog, Toro).

Name: Lisa Kennelly

At Clue since: November 2013

Hometown/Country: Seattle, USA

What you used to do (past work): Before Clue, I worked at, in reverse order: a startup incubator in Vancouver, Canada; a PR agency and startup in Seattle; a newspaper covering sports in New York/New Jersey

What you do now (current work at Clue): Director of Marketing

Why Clue (why do you work here): I joined because I wanted to work for a company and product that improves people’s lives, and I’ve stayed because I see proof we’re doing that every single day

Guilty pleasure song: "The Edge of Glody" by Lady Gaga

Favorite lunch spot in Kreuzberg: Zola, best pizza in Berlin

Favorite Clue icon: Oily skin

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