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Meet Clue: Katrin

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At Clue since: Got in touch in 2011 as a consultant for app color research, started to work freelance 2014, but have been employed October 2016

Hometown/Country: Berlin!

What you used to do (past work): Graphic Design since 2001 for several companies including fashion fair BREAD & BUTTER for approx. 10 years, my friend Vincent’s family business FOTO MEYER and free projects like and Schillerwerkstatt

What you do now (current work at Clue): All kinds of graphic design and illustration work outside of the app

Why Clue (why do you work here): The subject hits me, and working with a team full of so many like-minded, diverse, smart and lovely people is a blast

Guilty pleasure song: “A New Error” by Moderat (best band in the whole world)

Favorite lunch spot in Kreuzberg: Dresdner Straße, all over

Favorite Clue icon: Dry skin (I actually favor a lot of them)

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