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Meet Clue

Meet Clue: Daniel

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Our team at Clue is pretty rad, and we'd like you to get to know us a little better. Meet our data scientist, Daniel.

Name: Daniel

At Clue since: February 2015

Hometown/Country: Hamburg / Germany

What you used to do (past work): Number crunching and programming in various flavors. Right before Clue I worked for the social discovery app mbrace. Yes, social discovery is a euphemism for dating.

What you do now (current work at Clue): I'm the Count of menstrual cycles. I work on making Clue's predictions more accurate and understanding how our users use the app.

Why Clue (why do you work here): It's meaningful, challenging, personal and a great topic at a cocktail party. And you have no idea how rare the latter is for a Mathematician.

Guilty pleasure song: Fettes Brot - "Nordisch by Nature"

Favorite lunch spot in Kreuzberg: Special K. Also called Kremanski.

Favorite Clue icon: Pill late.

an illustration of the Clue flower
an illustration of the Clue flower

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