How to customize Clue: Reminders

Reminders are a great way to keep give you a heads up on important matters, like upcoming premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or taking your birth control.

Clue allows you to customize reminders to suit your taste, with personal touches that make your notifications more relatable.

Our reminders indicate:

  • Period
  • Period late
  • Before fertile window
  • Ovulation day
  • After fertile window
  • Before PMS
  • Breast self-exam
  • Use Clue
  • The pill
  • Birth control ring
  • Birth control patch
  • Basal body temperature (BBT)

Choose the categories you'd like active reminders for then select a message to go with them - every notification comes with default text, but they are all yours to personalize if you'd prefer.

Then pick the time and day(s) you'd like to receive your notifications and you are good to go.

Send us a screenshot of your custom reminders on Instagram and Twitter. If you have any questions about reminders in Clue, shoot us an email at