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How to Use Clue

How to customize Clue: Tags

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We get a lot of requests for tracking categories and options that are not (yet) available in Clue.

The "Tags" feature is a great way to track any and everything not already provided by our existing tracking options.

Custom tags provide a way to extend or personalize the information you track with your cycle. After tracking a few cycles, you can look back to see what patterns or correlations might recur.

Your healthcare professional may ask you to track specific types of information (like migraines, diet changes, etc.) to help troubleshoot health issues. Tags can also be used to keep track of any additional information you'd like or one-off events that you want to keep tabs on.

We've provided some tags for you to start with:

  • Back pain
  • Cervix high, soft & open - when combined with other indicators, this may be a signal being inside your fertile window
  • Cervix low, hard & closed - when combined with other indicators, this may signal you are outside of your fertile window

You can also create your own tags by typing into the text field.

Some common tags users add include:

  • Supplement and medication use (B12, magnesium, xanax)
  • Weight lifting (squats, bench press)
  • Specific moods (homesick, creative)
  • Partner names (Alex, Sam, Boo)

Tags are also a place to be creative – but try not to create tags that are longer than one line, because they will be cropped off.

We do have plans to enhance custom tag capability in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

Send us a screenshot of your custom tags with #ClueApp on Instagram and Twitter. If you have any questions about custom tagging in Clue, shoot us an email at

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